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President funding for International Students at University of Winnipeg in Canada, 2019
Provider: University of Winnipeg, 15 scholarships
# Study in: Canada
# Level: Undergraduate, Graduate, Diploma, Certificate
# Award: Award range of The grants varies from $3,500 $5,000.
# Deadline: Sep 30, 2019
Women in Tech Scholarship at Coder Academy in Australia, 2019
Provider: Australian Bootcamp
# Study in: Australia
# Level: Diploma, Certificate
# Award: The educational award will be equal to 50% of the total tuition fees of the Fast Tract Bootcamp.
# Deadline: Aug 4, 2019
Cartoon Network Studios Summer Production Internship Pregame 2019
Provider: Cartoon Network Studios at Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
# Study in: United States of America
# Level: Certificate
# Award: This is a paid internship programme. Program benefits include: Interns are paid at minimum wage based on location and relocation is not provided.
# Deadline: May 31, 2019
NASA CineSpace Competition for International Applicants, 2019
Provider: NASA and Houston Cinema Arts Society, Various
# Study in: United States of America
# Level: Certificate
# Award: Grand Prize: USD 10,000, Second Prize: USD 5,000, and Third Prize: USD 3,000
# Deadline: Jul 15, 2019
NASA Internships at Glenn Research Center in USA, 2019
Provider: NASA
# Study in: United States of America
# Level: Undergraduate, Graduate, Diploma, Certificate
# Award: This Is A Paid Internship Programme. Undergraduate Stipend Is $11,680; Graduate Stipend $14,400 Total For A 16-Week Session.
# Deadline: Jul 1, 2019
100% Tuition Fees Friends of Design Distinguished Talent Scholarship in South Africa, 2019
Provider: Friends of Design Academy of Digital Arts
# Study in: South Africa
# Level: Diploma, Certificate
# Award: Friends of Designs Distinguished Talent Scholarships are private bursaries that cover 100% of tuition fees for the chosen candidates.
# Deadline: Nov 30, 2018
Monash South Africa Scholarships for Foundation Programme and Undergraduate Course, 2019
Provider: Monash South Africa (MSA)
# Study in: South Africa
# Level: Undergraduate, Certificate
# Award: The scholarship will be awarded a total of 25%-100% of annual fees.
# Deadline: Nov 15, 2018
Universities Canada TD Scholarships for Community Leadership in Canada, 2019
Provider: Universities Canada, 20 scholarships
# Study in: Canada
# Level: Undergraduate, Diploma, Certificate
# Award: Each scholarship has a value of up to $70,000 and includes, Up to $10,000 for tuition & $7,500 for living expenses per year (for up to a maximum of four years).
# Deadline: Nov 16, 2018
New Zealand Future Scholarship for South Korean Students, 2019
Provider: New Zealand Future
# Study in: New Zealand
# Level: Certificate
# Award: The award is up to a maximum of $15,000 NZD. The Scholarship must be used towards your New Zealand High School fees, school-related costs, and, if funds permit, also used towards living expenses and domestic flights within New Zealand.
# Deadline: Nov 02, 2018
Emergency Medical Assistant Education Fund Award in Canada, 2019
Provider: EMA Education Fund Awards
# Study in: Canada
# Level: Certificate
# Award: Each award $5,000 for Primary Care Paramedic Program (PCP). Approximately 50 awarded annually.
# Deadline: Oct 30, 2018
Study Abroad Scholarships for International Students at Sheffield Hallam University in UK, 2019
Provider: Sheffield Hallam University (SHU)
# Study in: United Kingdom
# Level: Certificate
# Award: Scholarships are available for the full fee of the programme.
# Deadline: Nov 01, 2018
Icelandic Government Scholarships for Language Program, 2019
Provider: Icelandic Government, 15 scholarships
# Study in: Iceland
# Level: Diploma, Certificate
# Award: The scholarship covers registration fees at the University and a monthly stipend of approximately ISK 140.000 that should cover room and board for one person.
# Deadline: Dec 01, 2018
Nagao Natural Environment Foundation Research Grant Programme for Asia-Pacific Region, 2018
Provider: Nagao Natural Environment Foundation (NEF)
# Study in: Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh
# Level: Training, Certificate
# Award: The maximum grant size in this programme is 500,000 Japanese yen per project for a maximum duration of two years.
# Deadline: Oct 16, 2018
Lincoln University International Pathway Merit Scholarships in New Zealand 2018
Provider: Lincoln University International Pathway Merit, Up to twenty scholarships
# Study in: United Kingdom
# Level: Diploma, Certificate
# Award: Scholarships to the value of NZ$2,500 are available for the 2018 academic year.
# Deadline: Oct 01, 2018
BIMM Institute Dublin and IMRO Diploma in Music Business Scholarship in Ireland, 2018
Provider: BIMM Institute Dublin and IMRO Announce Diploma in Music Business, One scholarship
# Study in: Ireland
# Level: Diploma, Certificate
# Award: Scholarship is awarded to study Music Business Course.
# Deadline: Aug 24, 2018
Ministry of Education Scholarship for Indian Citizens, 2018
Provider: Ministry of Education
# Study in: Singapore
# Level: Diploma, Certificate
# Award: It includes: Annual allowance with hostel accommodation, Settling-in allowance, Return economy class air passage, Coverage of school fees and much more.
# Deadline: Jul 22, 2018
R&D Systems Scholarship in Science for Overseas Students in USA, 2018
Provider: R&D Systems, One scholarship
# Study in: United States of America
# Level: Undergraduate, Training, Graduate, Diploma, Certificate
# Award: A $1500 (or international currency equivalent) scholarship will be awarded twice a year for one student in the fall semester and one student in the spring semester.
# Deadline: Jul 20, 2018
American College of Surgeons International Guest Scholarships in USA, 2019
Provider: American College of Surgeons
# Study in: United States of America
# Level: Training, Diploma, Certificate
# Award: The scholarships, in the amount of $10,000 each.
# Deadline: Jul 02, 2018
Canada-CARICOM Virtual University Scholarship Program (CCVUSP) in Canada, 2018
Provider: The Government of Canada
# Study in: Canada
# Level: Certificate
# Award: The scholarship will cover the costs of tuition for all courses required to complete one of the eligible programs under the Guidelines section.
# Deadline: Jun 14, 2018
Guizhou University Special Exchange Scholarships in China, 2018
Provider: Guizhou University (GZU)
# Study in: China
# Level: Diploma, Certificate
# Award: Waiver of registration and tuition fees Free on-campus dormitory accommodation Monthly living allowance: CNY 800 for One-Semester students and CNY 1,000 for One-Academic-Year students
# Deadline: Jun 20, 2018
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