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Apply to win a Charles Wallace Trust India Scholarship

Looking for scholarships to study in the U.K.? Check out what the Charles Wallace India Trust may have to offer you.
BY Braingain Staff Writer |   16-05-2014
From The British Council - for more information on the scholarships available, check the Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships website.

CWIT enables Indians in the early to mid stages of their careers to spend time in the UK, helping them to achieve artistic, academic and professional ambitions and to broaden their international contacts.

Who was Charles Wallace?

Charles Wallace was born in Calcutta in 1855. He lived, worked and flourished there, founding the Shaw Wallace company (though there are no connections now between CWIT and Shaw Wallace).

Charles Wallace died in 1916, bequeathing his modest fortune to his family for a generation and then for the benefit of those among whom he had made it.

About CWIT

In 1981, following an agreement between the Indian and British governments, CWIT was established as an English charity. It is run by four trustees, one nominated by the British Council. The trustees cover CWIT’s main areas of interest and are Dr Yasmin Khan, Caroline Douglas,Gregor Stark and Colin Perchard (British Council nominee). The Secretary is Richard Alford.

In over 30 years CWIT has made around 2700 grants. British Council India advises on CWIT’s work and gives valuable administrative support including guidance on applying for a visa.

CWIT’s recent annual reports and accounts, including lists of scholarships and grants given, can be seen on the Charity Commission’s website.

CWIT Offers

Application forms for Charles Wallace Long Term awards 2015-16 will be accepted from 01 August to 15 November 2014 at the nearest British Council centre.

Application forms will be accepted in hardcopy only.

No applications will be accepted beyond the deadline.


British Council will facilitate and advise but the cost of a visa must be borne by you.

For further information kindly write to



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