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7 effective stress-busting strategies for students

Being a student can be stressful. But here are 8 simple and effective ways you can deal with the stress.
BY Cherryy Chauhan |   27-04-2018

The ever-rising pressure of academic competition these days is leading to tons of students being exposed to mental health problems and serious cases stress. Whether it is the financial pressure of paying-off student loans or the academic pressure to perform exceedingly well, the rate of stress amongst students these days has been on an alarming increase. According to a 2017 report based on a research conducted in universities in the U.K.,almost 82% of the college students suffer from stress and anxiety. To curb the soaring numbers of stress related issues in students, here are 8 hacks to unwind from the grind-
1) Work it off
One of the most common stress-busting activities among children and adults alike, working out can be a great stress buster. Whether you choose to participate in sporting events and creative activities like dancing, or just spend some time playing and enjoying with friends, such regular activities can help you to reduce stress to an almost non-existent amount.
2) Breathe in, breathe out
Any person, who knows how to count till four, can practice this technique to lower stress levels. Breathe in and count till four and then breathe out and count till four again. Practicing this for several minutes can help reduce the anxiety, generate fresh thoughts, and stimulate the nervous system.
3) Put on some music
While it might not work for all, but it’s a well-known fact that music can play an effective role as a stress management tool. According to biologists, music can trigger the release of certain stress reducing chemicals that in turn offer a soothing experience to ease up and just relax.
4) Laughter is the best medicine
It’s a well-known but seldom chosen option to address stress. Laughing your problems away might not seem practical but it’s medically proven that humor can indeed improve our emotional health problems. While providing the much-needed escape from reality, it also makes you more optimistic and confident. So, the next time you feel low, why not try watching Jim Carrey’s videos online!
5) Get a pet
Therapy animals such as dogs and birds have been extraordinary in easing stress disorders. A sense of belonging and support offered by a pet can be equated with that of a companion or a friend. They can offer the much needed respite from the stresses of day-to-day life and infuse new energy to take on another day!
6) Scribble, scribble, scribble
Journaling is one the most renowned ways to release your feelings after a stressful day or situation. A journal can be a simple notebook or you can decorate it to your heart’s content. Writing it all down or even drawing pictures can help to keep worries at bay by clarifying your thoughts and sorting them out in a manageable fashion. Apparently, it’s also good for your liver.
7) Talk
As per Coldplay’s instructions. Talking about how you feel or how your day went, can actually help in ways you might not have known. Releasing stress through conversation with your friends, family or even a shrink can result in remarkable and positive outcomes. It’s a smart way to lighten the load and an effective way to channel your emotions. Others can bring a fresh perspective and new solutions. You’ll also realise you’re not alone.

Finally, it’s not the load that breaks you but the way you carry it. The feeling of losing control is one of the primary causes of stress. Taking control and not being passive is an amazing way to start. Whatever the problem, believe you can deal with it, and take action. Feel free to reach out for help – it’s available.
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