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7 effective stress-busting strategies for students

Being a student can be stressful. But here are 8 simple and effective ways you can deal with the stress.

6 Books You Should Read Before Going to University

An education isn’t just academics, as Mark Twain said. Here are 6 books every student should read before heading off to university.

5 amazing poets that you need to read

They’re all women. And none of them are Rupi Kaur.

6 ominous classics everyone should read

Fiction about the dark side of human nature and technology has important lessons for us, whether we’re studying to be writers, engineers, doctors, social scientists, or anything else

Why India Needs the Bandana Sen Library Awards

Bandana Sen was a pioneer in the field of children's libraries in India, and the awards in her memory inspire school librarians to carry on her work.



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