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6 Great British Scholarships for Indian Students

BrainGain Magazine brings you a list of 6 highly sought after scholarships which can help make your dream of studying in the UK come true.
BY Mehal Yadav |   16-08-2016

The biggest question when students seek international admissions is, without a doubt, about scholarships. If you are thinking of studying in the UK, you know it is a significant investment of money given that the pound is approximately 86 rupees, and the tuition fees for an undergraduate degree averages 9000 GBP.  So funding is an important issue to address.

It is also very difficult to understand where to begin or how to apply for scholarships. But, as you start searching, you realize there are scores of scholarships, bursaries, and loans as well as procedures and rules. There may be a significant amount of research involved. Eventually, if you are awarded a scholarship it becomes well worth your while because not only do scholarships make your studies much more affordable, but they also increase your job prospects by distinguishing your resume.

Here is a list of 6 coveted British scholarships for Indian students:

  1. University of Sheffield Scholarships: The university offers a range of scholarships for Indian students applying for both undergraduate and graduate studies. Applicants can choose from courses in engineering, law or the arts. The university is also a part of the GREAT scholarships programme, in partnership with the British Council, which offers scholarships worth 1.5 million pounds to over 400 Indian students.
  2. Trinity College Scholarships: The premier Irish institution offers several scholarships valued at 5000 Euros each to Indian students pursuing full time undergraduate programmes. Applicants are judged on the basis of academic achievement, and their potential to contribute to the college community.
  3. The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarships: The societyis a non-profit organization that offers prestigious scholarships for undergraduate, graduate or research studies in Oxford or Cambridge. The number of students selected may vary, but at least one student is selected annually. Recipients may choose to enroll in any course in either of the universities.
  4. Commonwealth Scholarships: The UK Government grants over 900 scholarships for postgraduate study to students who are citizens of commonwealth countries. The scholarship is valid for pursuing a Masters, PhD or distance learning courses in the UK. The value of the funding is up to 100,000 pounds.
  5. Felix Scholarships: Set up by three partner universities, the Felix scholarship is for Indian students pursuing their graduate degree in the University of Oxford, The University of Reading or The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London (SOAS). The scholarship covers 100% of the tuition fees, a grant for living expenses, and one return flight ticket from India to UK.
  6. Saltire Scholarships: Scotland’s government and higher education institutions jointly offer Saltire Scholarships to Indian students for pursuing an undergraduate, graduate, or PhD degree in Scotland. The scheme offers scholarships worth 4000 pounds each to over 100 students. The scholarships mainly target sectors like creative industries, Renewable and Clean Energy, Technology, Financial Services, and Life Sciences.

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