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5 great universities where you can do a master's degree in International Relations

International Relations are on everybody’s mind given the current state of affairs. If you’re thinking about a career in the field a degree from any of these universities will give you a headstart.
BY Mehr Talwar |   09-01-2020

the Japanese PM and the US President
Do you remember the famous handshake between the Japanese PM and the US President?

If you’re looking at building a great career in the government, international diplomacy, political analyst or journalist, or if international politics fascinates you greatly – a degree in international relations could be the best step forward for you.

To help you, we have here a list of 5 universities which offer a great postgraduate degree in international relations.

  1. Harvard University

    Located in Boston, Harvard University is a great university to pursue a master’s in international relations. As a student of international relations at Harvard, you will be critically analysing the perspectives on, and implications of, global issues such as poverty, genocide, armed conflict, terrorism, human rights, and the environment.

    You will also be able to develop key insights and analyse precursors, processes, outcomes of international interactions between governments, organizations, businesses and individuals. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of the evolution, operations, and the complexity of regional and global governmental and non-governmental institutions dealing with trade, economies and international law.

    Duration: 21 months

  2. Oxford University

    Nestled in the picturesque hamlet of Oxfordshire, UK, one of the world’s oldest universities is also one of the world’s best when it comes to a degree in international relations.

    If you decide to pursue your MSc in Politics Research at Oxford, you will receive a formal training in research techniques and methodology. You will be required to pass a three-hour long examination in Comparative Government or European Governance, to complete a research design proposal in preparation for your thesis, an assessment of research methods training courses and a thesis of 15000 words.

    Duration: 12 months

  3. Sciences PO

    This university is situated in Paris, France. It offers a joint master’s degree in Journalism and International Affairs. It reinforces the education and practical apprenticeships of Journalism and IR.

    The school has 3 goals. First, to educate future journalists to analyse and understand the complex world they will report on, in a field where precision, analytical rigor, and intellectual integrity are indispensable. Second, to understand which events and developments have to be covered in order to that have decisive roles in society. Finally, students need to be prepared for the digital era and introspecting on the way technology impacts the evolution of journalism

    Duration: 12 months

  4. London School of Economics

    Based in London, LSE as it is more popularly known, comes is also a popular destination for international relations. Here, you will be able to learn about a broad spectrum of issues like formulation and implementation of foreign policy, relations between states and governments,  international organisations and NGOs, international law, conflict and post-conflict peace-making and transitional justice, the role of empire or revolutions in world politics, and gender and international relations. You could also choose to focus on areas of interest like Europe, Asia, Middle East or China, USA or Russia as per your interest.

    Duration: 12 months (full time), 24 months (half time)

  5. University of Cambridge

    Located in the town of Cambridge, UK, Cambridge university is the 5th top university for International Relations courses in the world. You can earn your MSt in International Relations here.

    The students will be able to develop an ability to critically apply the theories, models, and concepts that are used in the study of International Politics. You will be able to gain knowledge of international politics, history, economics, and security.

    On the course, you will be able to extend your analytical, evaluative, and critical capacities and develop transferable skills. For assessments, you will be asked to make oral and written presentations, assignments, working independently, and, collaboratively.

    Duration: 24 months



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