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4 interesting career options for Political Science graduates

Wondering what can you do with a degree in political science? Check out these interesting career options just for you!

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If you fancy fireside chats about current geopolitical affairs, and analyzing how governments in the past, present and future functioned, it is likely that political science as an education major is your cup of tea. Political science has consistently ranked as one of the more popular majors for literary arts aspirants, with The Princeton Review ranking pol-science as the third most popular major among all college students.

A degree in political science imparts a conceptual understanding of political ideologies and various systems of government. Students also have an opportunity to hone important skills such as analytics, communication and research. According to the University of Waterloo in Canada, graduates can land roles in the fields of law, business, academia, think tanks, non-governmental organisations and policy making. Roles such as Urban Planner, Campaign Manager, Journalist, Policy Analyst, Program Analyst, and Government Relations are typical outcomes.

But do you know of these four interesting career options you could have as a graduate:

  1. Social media manager

    Josh Meddaugh, Associate Professor of Political Science at the Clayton State University in Georgia, says: "You don't have to love politics to be involved in political science, it is the study of power and institutions and behaviour." The current political climate is undoubtedly conducive to social media and thus plays a big role in shaping people’s opinion. Several political, as well as interest groups, require people who are politically savvy and can influence their target audience through strategic campaigning and regulate their interactions. As of 2019, social media managers are earning an average of $49,881 in the US.
  2. Public relations specialist

    It is a challenging task to get the right kind of publicity especially when media is so dynamically dependent on user-generated content. To be able to place the right kind of stories with the media involves sharp skills of understanding editorial context, persuasion and conversation. The role of a public relations specialist is to get appropriate media attention for the client by analyzing the current political and social milieu and proposing compelling pitches for the client’s visibility in the media. They help maintain the right kind of corporate identity for their clients and also carry out fundraising strategies for possible grants and donors.

    The average salary of a public relations specialist is around $45,631 in the US.
  3. Intelligence Analyst

    Undertaking research to coordinate operations, and piecing together intel on specific people, groups, and related developments in volatile areas of the world, form the core objectives of an intelligence analyst.

    An intelligence analyst studies data patterns, and highly encoded information to perform a variety of tasks to investigate potential threats to their country. The job necessitates strong familiarity with the functioning of legislatures, knowledge of terror outfits, and interpretation of events and happenings (both classified and public) across the world. The average salary of an intelligence analyst is approximately $68,692 in the US.
  4. Campaign Director

    The performance of any high-level bureaucrat is inextricably linked to a great campaign management team. Whether it is to build a desired public image or to broadcast an important message for the public, a campaign director decides and facilitates all the screws and hinges of a political campaign.

    A few of the top requirements for a campaign director include an acute eye for spotting fundraising opportunities, and impeccable communication skills that are effective across geographies. The average salary of a campaign director is around $69,495 in the US.

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