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19 Terrific Twitter Feeds That Will Make You Smarter

BrainGain brings you 19 Twitter feeds by smart people for smart people. Follow these so you can put the fun back in education.
BY Skendha Singh |   29-04-2015
                           “Getting information off the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.”     
                                                                                                                                            Mitchell Kapor                              

It’s 6 PM. You’re cramming the exact definition of a Corporation. Or writing your personal statement. Or researching the code of Hammurabi for a project. You feel like taking a much needed break. Only ten minutes. Fifteen, at the most. So you log in to your Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter/ YouTube and the next thing you know is five hours have whizzed right past! The Interwebs have sucked your day dry of time and your work is pretty much where you left it.

What if you could surf the internet and get smarter by the second?

BrainGain brings you 19 Twitter feeds by smart people for smart people. Follow these so you can put the fun back in education.

       The Information Junkies:

  1. Open Culture: @openculture

    We cannot gush enough about Open Culture. And if you’ve not heard of it yet, prepare for your mind to be blown. This is an incredible educational resource with essays on creativity and writing, approximately 1100 courses, films and videos. All of this free, free, free!
  2. TED Talks: @TEDTalks

    To really further your understanding of the world around you, virtual reality, ancient scripts, microbes, and perhaps even yourself – you need to follow TED talks, where some of the best minds of our time talk about the things that matter.
  3. Neil deGrasse Tyson: @neiltyson

    The famous American astrophysicist, author and disseminator of cool science knowledge tweets about, well, science. To be more specific – the order of animals to orbit the earth, Brian from the Family Guy, and gentle rebukes for overusing the word awesome (guilty!).
  4. Maria Popova: @brainpicker

    Maria Popova’s website puts the I of interesting in the I of internet. If you’re reading Jane Eyre, maybe you want to know how much is autobiographical, there’s an article on Charlotte Bronte’s love letters; or to interest you in Geography, there’s something on the beauty of coral reefs; and so on.
  5. Google Facts: @GoogleFacts

    World’s biggest search engine churns up absurd, intriguing and important facts. What percentage of a drunk person’s babble is true? (Bet you’d love to know that!) Or what is the number one New Year Resolution, and how many people manage to keep it (we reckon you can guess this one).

    The Engineers and Entrepreneurs:
  6. Paul Krugman: @NYTimesKrugman

    One of the most influential economists in the world, Krugman also won the Nobel Prize in 2008. He teaches at Princeton and LSE, writes op-eds for the New York Times and has written over 22 books. Watch your IQ shoot into the stratosphere with this one.
  7. Tyrone Taborn: @BlackEngineer

    The Twitter handle is a good clue. Tweet topics range from Japan’s maglev trains, using lasers for cleaning up space in the future, the oldest stone tools found in Kenya, etc. Of interest not only to Engineers, but to all people who take an interest in science fiction becoming science fact.
  8. Ann Handley: @MarketingProfs

    Whether you’re a blogger or a contributor, an aspiring writer, or content marketer in the making, Ann Handley serves up great ideas to battle mediocrity. She tweets about SEO jobs, customer service and making your content really good. In all this, she manages to spare us the jargon.
  9. Entrepreneur: @Entrepreneur

    If terms like start-ups, networking, self-made, millionaires etc make your heart sing, this is the feed for you. Even if being an entrepreneur is not your dream, there are tweets about productivity, success and even handwriting analysis which will keep you engaged.
  10. Yuping Liu-Thompkins: @PingTweets

    A Professor of Marketing at the Old Dominion University, Ping tweets, in her own words, “about the intersection of marketing, technology and psychology.” She also tweets about internship opportunities in the USA. Pretty useful, we’d say, if you’re aiming to become a marketing maestro.

    Good News(makers):

  11. Poynter: @Poynter
    Poynter is a well-known name in journalism. The school’s twitter feed focuses on ethical practice and diverse coverage. Whether you’re interested in journalism, current affairs, or just being politically correct – Poynter is the feed for you.

  12. Huffington Post: @HuffingtonPost

    For all those who like to keep abreast of current affairs while mixing it up with interesting studies, internet trends and general life hacks.
  13. Mashable: @mashable

    The Twitter bio reads, “for the connected generation” – that means you. Workout playlists, astronomy, Instagram and political unrest in a mashup that you’re sure to savour.
  14. New York Times: @NYTimes

    The maximum Pulitzer wins. If there were an award for it, the NYT would win. It gives you enough to read, write and talk about.

    And these:

  15. College Humor: @collegehumor

    All work and no play, you know what they say!
  16. Your University:

    The Universit(y/ies) you have set your sights on. Obvious, no? You can get an inside view into campus activities, classroms and the general vibe. Also, deadlines for application and other useful tips.
  17. The OED: @OED

    Because, you know, English.
  18. Go Abroad: @GoAbroad

    Assuming you want to travel for education, entertainment or work, Go Abroad tweets about study and travel abroad opportunities.
  19. BrainGain Magazine: @braingainmag

    Latest trends in education, conversations with thought leaders, and fantastic information on everything from courses, packing for college, and internet etiquette. BrainGain offers multimedia content that is both informative and enjoyable!



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