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Get ready for the big shift in education

The time when education was defined by a 4-year degree might be over already. Here’s what you should prepare for now.

19 Terrific Twitter Feeds That Will Make You Smarter

BrainGain brings you 19 Twitter feeds by smart people for smart people. Follow these so you can put the fun back in education.

What is decolonizing the curriculum and why it matters

What is worth studying, and who gets to decide that? These are questions raised in the discussion around decolonising the curriculum. Read more below.

Living the Lobo Life: In Conversation with Dr. Mary Anne Saunders

Discover the amazing opportunities on offer at New Mexico’s flagship university.

In the Aftermath of Malala

In October of this year, young Pakistani student activist Malala Yousufzai, aged 15, was shot in the head by the Taliban – all because she wanted to get an education. Read more about Pakistani youth following her struggle for empowerment, and the daily problems they face in trying to go to school.

Braingain Magazine Essay Competition Winner

Earlier in the year, we asked our student readers to write their interpretation of this quote: The direction in which education starts a man (person), will determine his future life – Plato, The Republic. Here's what followed...

This is why learning outside the classroom is a priority during the university years

College can offer you an education beyond the classroom if you let it. At the BrainGain Magazine Knowledge Symposium 2019, expert educators and leaders offered students advice on how to make the most of college beyond the books and tests.

The Pratham Column: Where are all the quality pre-schools?

Are young children in India getting the foundation education they need?

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