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Why International Students Love Studying in the UK

Here are 3 reasons why the UK is one of the most popular higher education destinations for international students.
BY Cleo Fatoorehchi |   02-03-2017

When students decide to study abroad, they are faced with so many options it can be dizzying. The UK, Australia, the US, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Malaysia, Singapore… attractive destinations are numerous, and where to go can be a difficult choice.

Did you know that in recent research by UUKi international students recommend the UK for all aspects of the student experience? That includes arrival, learning, living and the support services provided by universities. We are looking at significant numbers: 91% of international undergraduates, 90% of postgraduate research and 89% of postgraduate taught students expressed satisfaction with their university experience in the UK.

Why? You ask. Here are 3 reasons why international students love studying in the UK:

  1. Innovative teaching and quality of research

    The UK is a world leader in the quality and impact of its research.

    At the University of Ulster for example, the Nanotechnology and Integrated BioEngineering Centre (NIBEC) produces medical innovations with global impact on health costs and patients’ lives. Bolton footballer Fabrice Muamba miraculously survived his collapse on the pitch in 2012 thanks to one of HeartSine’s British products. HeartSine’s automated external defibrillators (AEDs) can also be found in the White House and on Air Force One.
  2.  It’s not as expensive as you’d think

    Studying in the UK is more affordable than studying in the USA or Australia. And with the current exchange rates, the UK has become an even more viable choice financially.

    There are also many scholarships for Indian students to study in the UK, offered by both individual universities and the UK government. For researchers and PhD students, the Newton-Bhabha Fund can be the perfect way to experience UK universities. Other students can find scholarships that fit their interests, including through new GREAT Scholarships and ACU Commonwealth scholarships.
  3. It’s so diverse, you’ll feel at home

    One in every six students at UK universities is from outside the UK – that’s 436,585 students!

    Meanwhile, more than 25% of the UK’s university academic staff are international. They bring a global, outward-looking culture to UK campuses, which are full of fairs, societies and opportunities to meet fellow international students.
  4.  Rishabh Kumar, currently a student at the University of Sheffield sums it up: “[UK universities] promote talent and want talent to be empowered in the UK, and they give students a chance to explore new horizons.”

Cleo Fatoorehchi is Communications Officer at Universities UK International (UUKi).The international arm of Universities UK, UUKi represents UK universities and acts​ in their collective interests​ globally. Cleo has also worked as a human rights journalist and for a children's rights charity. She completed a Master's in Gender and International Development at ​the University of Warwick. You can reach her on Twitter at @CleoFatoo.



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