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5 reasons why Hong Kong is a great study destination

Hong Kong is often overlooked by students planning to study abroad. But studying in the city-state has many advantages. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider the East Asian hub.
BY R. Sidharth |   20-06-2018

Hong Kong

Ranked 3rd in the 2018 Global Financial Centres Index, Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis and a major centre for higher education. Compared to many universities in the USA and UK, the tuition fees are lower, and visa policies are more relaxed. Here are some factors which make Hong Kong a desirable higher education destination for Indian students.

  1. Established education hub - Hong Kong is ranked 12th in the QS rankings for best student cities, and is home to 4 of the top 10 universities in Asia and 5 of the top 100 globally. Institutes like The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), University of Hong Kong (HKU), and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) offer high-quality education and strong research networks. English is the primary medium of instruction in all universities, and the language is widely spoken and understood across the city-state.
  2. A vibrant city - People from all around the globe live and work in Hong Kong, providing a unique assimilation of cultures. Despite having the reputation of a giant concrete jungle, around three quarters of HK’s land area is dotted with country parks and natural reserves. You can visit ancient temples, go on wildlife safaris, roam about Disneyland, and enjoy many more attractions- all of which are easily accessible.

    As summarised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, “Culture and heritage is what sets Hong Kong apart from the rest of Asia - indeed the world. Hong Kong is a unique fusion of Eastern and Western cultures where the old and the new live side by side”.

  3. Great location - Travelling to mainland China for tourism or job interviews is convenient. Hong Kong is situated 20 km away from Shenzhen (global hub of electronics manufacturing) and is well connected to Shanghai and Beijing, the economic nerve-centres of China. An education in Hong Kong coupled with proficiency in Mandarin can open up many new avenues in China for recent graduates.

    Hong Kong is nestled in the heart of Asia and is situated less than a five-hour flight away from half the world’s population. The city shares the same time zone as Singapore, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Perth. Additionally, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, and Jakarta have just a one-hour time difference with Hong Kong.

  4. Hub of opportunities - Factors like attractive tax structures, modern infrastructure, and proximity to China and other Asian markets make Hong Kong an attractive destination for corporations and start-ups. 70 of the 100 largest banks in the world are present here. Hong Kong’s status as an international finance centre is in fact secured by its constitution, and it is often touted as the next Silicon Valley. Studying in HK can help you form strong social and professional connections that can be crucial while starting off your career.

  5. Safe and well-connected city - Crime rates in Hong Kong are among the lowest in the world; petty thefts and small scams are about as bad as it usually gets. Discrimination against foreign nationals is taken seriously by local authorities and is on a downward trend.

    Hong Kong also has an excellent public transport network. Almost all areas of the city are well connected by metro, trams, buses, or ferries. An Octopus Card can be used to make payments on the network and is also widely accepted by shops and retail outlets.



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