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Up Your Game with an MBA from Australia

An MBA in Australia means not just only world class education but an endless choice of specialisations.
BY Resham Mukherjee |   19-10-2015

A Master in Business Administration (MBA), in the present day, is high in demand not only within the country, but also internationally. There is also a considerable traction in the Asia-Pacific region. Educators believe that the MBA colleges in Australia have a unique way of combining theory and practice. Large emphasis on practical application of skills and problem solving in business environments has won students, enrolled across different disciplines, great credits in the industry.

Nevertheless, a wide range of theoretical concepts, from subjects including economics, measurement, governance, psychology, human behaviour, and leadership, aptly compliment the practical counterpart. All business schools in Australia work closely with business, industry, and government, and is backed by a strong alumni. The schools consult with current, past, and prospective students, to ensure a relevant and useful curriculum.

The MBA can be pursued from various locations in Australia - Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and Northern Territory.

Although the eligibility criterion for MBA in Australia is a specific amount of work experience there are also alternate ways to enter an MBA program. A number of the Australian business schools offer graduate certificates and graduate diploma programs. The entry requirements for these programs are far more flexible than for the full MBA program.

The fees charged for the MBA programs vary from case to case. The cost mostly depends on the duration (could either one or two years), infrastructure and overhead costs, including residential accommodation, involved in the course. Also, the fees of 2015 are likely to differ from that of 2016. Listed below are few MBA institutions in Australia with indicative fees in Australian dollars (AUD). Students should check and the current and accurate fee-structure of the relevant program from the respective universities.

  • ●  Australian Catholic University $22,040*                                                      
    ●  University of Tasmania $23,544*                                                      
    ●  Charles Darwin University $23,868*                                                      
    ●  University of Southern Queensland $25,200*                                                      
    ●  Kaplan Business School $27,750*                                                      
    ●  Victoria University $30,535*                                                      
    ●  Central Queensland University $30,600*                                                      
    ●  University of Adelaide $32,400*                                                      
    ●  University of South Australia $36,000*                                                      
    ●  University of Western Australia $45,600*                                                      
    ●  University of Technology Sydney $48,384*                                                      
    ●  University of Queensland $50,640*                                                      
    ●  Queensland University of Technology $51,300*                                                      
    ●  University of Sydney $60,000*                                                      
    ●  University of New South Wales $71,040*                                                      
    ●  University of Melbourne $95,000*                                                      

It is also noteworthy that the Australian MBA covers more than 100 specialisations to meet every job requirement. Beginning from specialised courses in finance and accounting to courses in Business, Communication, Information Technology to various aspects of International Marketing, Supply and Transport management. A student aspiring to undertake MBA in Australia should carry out an extensive research of industry and opportunities before choosing a specialisation, which can make him or her stand out in the global job market!  

Some specialisations are listed below:

  • Accounting And Finance
  • Agribusiness Management
  • Applied Business Technology
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Information Technology
  • Communication And Information Technology
  • Corporate Governance
  • Creating Strategy
  • Human Services Management
  • Implementing Strategy
  • International Marketing
  • Investment Advisory
  • Logistics And Supply Chain Management And Sustainable Enterprise
  • Public Sector Management
  • Quality Management
  • Research Project
  • Risk Management
  • Rural Health
  • Sports Management
  • Strategy And Planning
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Transport And Traffic
  • Urban Estate Management


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