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"University of Toronto has given me the freedom to become whoever I want to become"

Fourth-year student Taanvi Malhotra talks about her unique major in digital marketing, campus life, and everything that makes the University of Toronto exceptional.
BY BrainGain Magazine Staff Writer |   21-08-2019

Taanvi Malhotra
Taanvi Malhotra, student of Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) at the University of Toronto

Taanvi Malhotra is a fourth-year Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) student at the University of Toronto, Mississauga. Originally from Bangalore, India, Malhotra has explored the food, culture and career opportunities in Toronto to the fullest. In her three years at University of Toronto, Malhotra has worked as the Public Relations Director for the Student Management Association (SMA), the Digital Media Assistant in the Department of Management, and is now the Marketing and Communications Assistant for the university’s International Education Center. BrainGain Magazine had the opportunity to chat with Malhotra about what she has learned and loved in her time at the University of Toronto. 

  1. Why did you choose the University of Toronto? And why it’s Mississauga campus?

    I chose to study at the University of Toronto Mississauga because of its reputation. I also liked how small and modern the campus was. While looking at photos of the campus, I was also drawn in by the natural beauty of the campus. We have a lot of deer and geese roaming around on our campus, making our morning walks to class a lot more interesting.

  2. Tell us more about Digital Enterprise Management? Why did you choose this field of study?

    Digital Enterprise Management is a relatively new field that’s come up. It’s a specialist program that combines all components of Management with Technology. I have classes ranging from Web Design to Online Advertising and Marketing. DEM allows its students to explore how e-commerce and digital enterprises work by providing students with classes such as e-Business Technologies, Organisational Communication and Foundations of Finance as well as Financial Management

  3. Do you think students need to be mindful about their social media profiles from a professional perspective? Please share 3 tips for everyone to keep in mind.

    I would say students should:

    • Avoid posting inappropriate photos on Facebook and LinkedIn. 
    • Avoid posting your feelings on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Anyone can access them.
    • Keep updating your LinkedIn account with all your work/volunteer experience

  4. Is a university’s social media handle a good place to connect with it?

    Yes, I think social media is a great place for students to connect with the university. They can interact with other incoming students from across the globe on group chats. Social media provides a great opportunity for students to connect with others who share similar interests to theirs. As an international student, I think it is vital to expand your network and seek out potential opportunities on these pages.

  5. What should students look for before they make their decision – online and offline?

    Students should look online at the available classes for their programs. is a really good website to find which professor would be a good fit for you. It’s also useful to join online chats with students from the same program as you, so you can know which professors to avoid or how to structure your classes. Offline, students should find friends interested in the same university as them and ask for their perspective on the university.

  6. How easy or tough is it to find work as a student on and around the Mississauga campus?

    It’s really easy. We have a lot of work-study and part-time opportunities posted on our university job posting site called CLN. There are always flyers and posters around campus asking from student volunteers on campus. There are also a lot of malls and stores that hire part-time sales associates, which is a really popular job for a lot of students.

  7. You’re now in your fourth-year. What have you loved most about being on U of T?

    I love how well connected our university is. Since it’s a lot smaller than other universities, it’s easier to make more connections, take advantage of opportunities, and have the freedom to become whoever you want to become. After finishing 3 years at the University of Toronto, I’ve become more confident and open-minded. I’ve learned how to balance my social life with my work life. I've had the opportunity to join student societies, work-study positions, and volunteer positions that have taught me so much and given me the confidence to keep growing. 
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