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U.K. Passport Pass Back Scheme

Now you can hold onto your passport for a little longer if you're applying for a U.K. Visa.
BY Braingain Staff Writer |   06-01-2014
In November 2013, Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron announced the inaugural ‘Passport Pass Back Service’, which will effectively shorten the amount of time U.K. visa processing authorities hold on to an applicant’s passport. Students, regular visa applicants, and employment visa applicants are normally required to submit their passports within ten days of applying for their visa. Under the ‘Passport Pass Back’ scheme, applicants can hold onto their visa for an extended period of four weeks before sending it in to get the visa stamp. This service, however, will cost extra.

This is an attempt to change procedures that require a traveller to leave their passport with the Commission for the duration of the lengthy application process. The new rules ensure that travellers maintain their mobility and are not overly hampered by bureaucratic procedures. Students can take trips abroad without waiting on the whims of the Commission to release their documents.

The Service came into effect in December 2013 and began operations at the U.K. High Commission’s Chennai centre. Based on its success the program will be incorporated in other cities across South India initially, and then will be broadened out to other parts of the country. It is optional, and can be utilized with an additional payment of Rs 5100 (50 GBP), over and above the standard application fee.



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