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Imagine studying for an undergraduate degree for two years in India and the next two years in the United States. Imagine having an undergraduate qualification recognized both in the United States and India.
Rollins College, Photo by Scott Cook (Flickr)
Imagine studying for an undergraduate degree for two years in India and the next two years in the United States.

Imagine having an undergraduate qualification recognized both in the United States and India.

Imagine studying in one of India’s best new universities for the first two years, and continuing your education in one of America’s oldest private colleges in serene Florida whose famous alumni include Rahul Gandhi, the Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry in 1987 and a president of the Walt Disney Company Parks and Resorts.

In a rapidly globalizing world, where transnational interaction and global exposure are integral parts of personal development, you now have an educational program that meets the aspirations of the youth of rising India.

The Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities is unique in the way it offers a four-year undergraduate B.A. degree wherein a student will spend the first two years in India followed by two years at Rollins College, Florida, with the aim of gaining an extensive interdisciplinary education and requisite intellectual, research and analytical skills that are crucial for development and leadership.

Boasting of a faculty educated at universities like Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, Columbia and Chicago, the Jindal-Rollins dual degree B.A. program has developed a first-of-its-kind educational model to prepare and equip students with various skills to perform well during their years abroad. It will not only help enrich the quality of Indian students studying in the United States but also strengthen the student’s chances of undertaking higher education in America or Europe or securing a career after graduating from Rollins College.

In a world with soaring education costs, Jindal-Rollins program offers a first-rate education at relatively lower prices, especially when compared to the cost of a full undergraduate degree in the West. The O P Jindal Global University campus at Sonepat offers a vibrant social and educational experience where teachers and students from all over the world interact and work together to create a global intellectual hub.

IMPORTANT All students who have successfully passed the examination conducted by a Board/University at the 10+2 level of schooling or its equivalent are eligible to apply. The School has adopted a rolling admission policy with a three step selection process:

  1. Register online for SAT or ACT (ACT test dates: 12th April and 14th June 2014, and SAT test dates: 3rd May and 7th June 2014),

  2. Apply online to JSLH submitting ACT/SAT registration number and test date. Additionally, submit a 1000-word Personal Statement covering academic/creative/community-interests, reasons for interest in the program and general aptitude,

  3. Personal interview for shortlisted candidates.

The application fee is INR 3,000. The Program Fee is INR 6,00,000 per year at the Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities (subject to change from year to year). Residence hall, dining and laundry Fee is 1,50,000 per year (subject to change from year to year). Classes begin from the August 1, 2014. For further information, please visit or For the two years at Rollins College, the average holistic costs amount to $120,000.

A recent survey of CEOs conducted by the Association of American Colleges and Universities found that liberal arts majors, especially those who go on to pursue further studies after their B.A., ultimately earn higher salaries than students who pursued only a pre-professional degree. 74% of CEOs said a modern liberal arts education is the prime career preparation.

Excellent resource facilities coupled with the experience of learning under faculty members from top universities of the world will help you gain opportunities to explore social sciences in a new light, broadening the horizons of your mind, training you for an incredible social and intellectual experience at Rollins College, the oldest and most historic college in the state of Florida.



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I like the scholarship process very much.
19 April 2014

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