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Student Speak: This is why I applied early decision to Emory

Preparing for the next chapter in your student life can be a daunting prospect. But, as long as you think clearly and prepare well, there's nothing to worry about. In the first of our new Student Speak series, Aniketh Khutia, an alumnus of the Knowledge@Wharton High School's summer program, takes us through his application process.
BY Aniketh Khutia |   04-05-2018

On 15th December 2017, I got the news that thousands of early decision applicants from all over the world were waiting for - the decision of their ‘dream college’. All the work I had done over the last couple of years paid off, I got accepted at Emory University’s College of Arts and Sciences.
A few things about Emory University.
Emory University is a private university located in the Druid hills, an upscale area in Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded in 1836 in Oxford, Georgia, where the Oxford school of Emory University still exists. Due to the fact that many influential members of the Coca Cola Board studied at Emory (including the long term Coca Cola Presidents Robert Woodruff and Roberto Goizueta) - and they who gave Emory millions of dollars’ worth of Coca Cola stocks, helping shape the university as one of the best in America. Emory is also known as the Coca Cola University. Fun Fact: it is looked down upon by the members of the institution if someone drinks Pepsi on campus.

Emory students also get the opportunity to study engineering in Georgia Tech with dual degree options from Goizueta Business School. Emory has Carnegie Classification of the “highest level of research activity” with a US News and World Report National Ranking of 21. With 7 billion USD in its name, Emory also ranks 21st in the world in terms of endowment.

Why did I apply to Emory University?
The reasons are many.
I was, and still am, in love with concept of a liberal arts education.

Emory has this one of a kind curriculum that allows students the flexibility of a small liberal arts college for two years, in a world class research university. So, freshmen and sophomores get to explore as many subjects as they want before choosing a concentration with the choice of transferring into one of USA’s best med schools with arguably the best healthcare system in the south, or a business school ranked among the best in the world with many innovative and cross-sector concentrations, or one of the most respected theology schools in the world, or the option to stay in the College Of Arts and sciences, which boasts one of the best creative writing and non-fiction writing courses in the world,  and not to mention the economics and mathematics department.

But, my reason is a bit different. I hope to study film for the first two years at Emory, and then either transfer to a pure film course or to the business school, in order to complete a degree in Film Management. And this is where the city comes in. Atlanta is quickly becoming the next major hub for films in the US, allowing film majors the opportunity to work in the best of production houses – either as interns during the summer, or as full-time employees after graduation. Marvel, DC, Warner Brothers - every major production house is shifting out of LA to Atlanta.
So, you see, it was Emory all the way for me. That’s why I chose to apply early decision. In the next of this series, I will take you through my application process.

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