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What does Ryerson University in Toronto offer any student who's looking to head to Canada to study and maybe work? sat down with Ryerson Provost Dr. Mohamed Lachemi to find out!
BY Braingain Staff Writer |   31-01-2014
Ryerson Provost Dr. Mohamed Lachemi; photo courtesy Ryerson University
On a balmy Delhi day, sat down for a chat with Dr. Mohamed Lachemi. He’s the Provost and Vice-President Academic of Ryerson University, based in Toronto, Canada. We wanted to know why any student should be interested in Ryerson, and Dr. Lachemi told us about 21st century knowledge innovation and how the institution makes experiential learning a lot of fun.

Where is Ryerson?

Dr. Lachemi: Located in downtown Toronto, Ryerson is an urban university. We define ourselves as a university of the 21st century, Toronto is a very global city. Toronto offers opportunities for everybody to be part of the community.

There are over 30,000 students from all around the world; and the staff and faculty reflect the diversity of Toronto.

Ryerson University Campus Quad; photo courtesy Ryerson University
Ryerson Alumni in the News

Hannah Simone is best known for her portrayal of Cece Parekh, fashion model and best friend of lead character Jess in the hit TV show, New Girl. Simone was born in London to Indian and Greek-Cyprian parents, and spent her childhood in Canada, Cyprus and Delhi, India. She did a BA in International Relations and Political Science at the University of British Columbia before moving on to a BA in Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University.

Hannah Simone, Ryerson University School of Media ’04com

Nia Vardolas, the writer and director of Academy Award-nominated My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a graduate of Ryerson’s Theatre School. Vardalos studied theatre and music at the university and then joined Toronto’s Second City theatre, where she became part of the Second City Television (SCTV) troupe. From there, she made her way up through theatre circles, performing the one-woman show that would later become, with the help of star couple Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks, the movie she is most famous for.
The founder of the Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts chain, Isadore Sharp, graduated from Ryerson’s Institute of Technology with a diploma in Architecture. Sharpe joined his father’s construction business as a full-time architect, first entering the hospitality industry when he designed a motel on the outskirts of Toronto for a client. He founded his first hotel, the Four Seasons, on Jarvis Street in Toronto in 1960.

What is Ryerson?

Dr. Lachemi: We define ourselves as a 21st century Innovation University – we have over a hundred programs at all levels, and most are based on experiential learning. We also give students opportunities to interact – the hands on education we provide to students – how to apply the knowledge, how to get internships and that work experience.

Hands on Learning with Ryerson

Dr. Lachemi: a number of our programs are linked to internships; for example in Aerospace Engineering, students may get internships with Bombardier, for example. In the Psychology program, there are clinical placements in hospitals; teachers of the courses are already a part of the industry. Our location within a few kilometres of world class hospitals and partnerships really helps.

Entrepreneurship with Ryerson

Dr. Lachemi: The University offers opportunities for students to be innovative and entrepreneurial.

The Digital Media Zone at Ryerson is ranked as number one of the top 25 incubators in the world. If you have an idea and want to explore it, we give that opportunity to our students.

Ryerson University Ted Rogers School of Management; photo courtesy Ryerson University

The Digital Media Zone includes the Green Energy Incubator, 3D thinking and design innovation, a fashion program which enables collaborations and global perspectives, among others.

This is a knowledge based economy and the role of education is to not just provide the fundamentals, but give students opportunities. In the right hand they have a degree, in the left hand they are starting a company and contributing to the economy.

Over 100 start-up companies are working out of the digital media zone – between them they have created over 900 jobs.

Ryerson in India

Dr. Lachemi: We are exploring the opportunities in India -: Collaboration with the BSES Institute; Digital media zone in Mumbai; Gateway between India and Canada. I think that will be the future – global universities.

For more on Ryerson University check their website out.



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