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MAWISTA scholarships for international students with children

MAWISTA awards annual scholarships to support international students with children. To find out more, read below.
BY Skendha Singh |   27-09-2016

MAWISTA Scholarships are for students with young children who want to study in Germany. The scholarships can cover a period from one semester to an entire year and offer a sum of 500 euros per month for a 12-month period.

The scholarship recognizes that studying abroad is as great a challenge as it is an opportunity. Even for a single student, coping with a new culture and course of study demands perseverance and talent. Institutions abroad realize this and offer comprehensive support in various forms - from financial aid to psychosocial interventions.

When a student undertakes studies abroad while also being a parent, the challenge is significantly bigger. Along with studies, the student has another priority which needs the best of assistance and care. MAWISTA recognizes this situation and therefore offers these scholarships annually.

The interesting feature of this scholarship is that it does not ask students about their duration of study or academic details like GPA. Applicants are asked to share their personal history, background, why they think they deserve the scholarship, and how they will manage their studies. The scholarship looks for applicants who are driven to complete their studies in spite of all the challenges they might face.

To apply, students must email a completed form to The annual deadline for applications is 15 January. A jury will screen all applications and select 5 finalists. The winner is chosen, in unconventional fashion, by a public vote.

This year, the winner was Karina Mainka. She stated in her application that she was one of 5 working class children, who came to Germany and became a mother at the young age of 17. She applied for a MAWISTA scholarship so that she could study a semester abroad in Spain with her daughter. Her application received 48.58% of the public vote.

MAWISTA states that it will offer these scholarships annually. All students who are also parents must make the best of this opportunity.

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