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BY Sanjana Manaktala |   13-02-2014
Tokyo by night – photo by Sanjana Manaktala
Most people tend to look to the West when it comes to opportunities for education, but if you're looking for unique experiences and a fascinating, under-explored, under-represented and often misunderstood culture, Japan is the place to be. Tokyo is pretty close to the perfect city - it has an extensive and punctual public transport system that connects you to the furthest corners of the country – which includes rugged mountains and sandy beaches barely two hours away - unusual and truly life-changing food, the politest people, and almost no petty crime. You could lose a wallet and have it returned with everything including cash still inside – ask me, I’ve done it. It’s still a challenge to get by when you’re learning a brand new language, but it teaches you viscerally to change what you can and accept what you can’t. Don’t let the fears hold you back – from a country with cultural elements as amazing as onsen and nomihodai, you’ll come away a new person.

Sanjana Manaktala, United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan


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