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BY Bhanu Prabhakar |   23-12-2013
Duomo di Milano, Italy

Milano is a city of marvelous Renaissance art and architecture - with ahistory dating back to 700 BC. Modern-day Milano is fashioned around the Duomo (one of the largest and most awe-inspiring Gothic cathedrals in the world) and La Scala (the renowned opera house). Charming trams, pebbled roads, a bustling music and cultural events calendar, multi-ethnic cuisines, amazing graffiti, swish tycoons - you find them all here.

Universita Bocconi is considered Europe's finest academic destination for its economics and management programs. Located 15 minutes from the city center, Universita Bocconi is the fulcrum around which the Italian banking and health industries operate.



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Hi Mr Benyamina - To get more information on applying and visiting Bocconi University, we suggest you take a look at their official website for further details - Best of luck!
13 January 2014

Abdelaziz Amine Benyamina
I am writing you to show my interest in visiting your university, I got your email from the university website. I am Mr.Abdelaziz Amine BENYAMINA , a teacher of English in a private school in Algeria, I am interested in English Applied Linguistics in general, and in English language teaching and translation studies in particular. Also,I am planning to apply for a doctoral studies there so visiting your university will offer me an opportunity to get a closer look to your different programs, classes, methods and to meet the stuff. Therefore I am wondering about the procedures I should follow to get there.
11 January 2014

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