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International students trying to reach the UK face several hurdles

The universities are keen to welcome students but there are no comprehensive solutions in place when it comes to reaching the UK.
BY BrainGain Magazine Staff Writer |   30-08-2020

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International students trying to travel to the UK to start university might be faced with a number of obstacles, according to news reports.

There are currently huge delays in the visa process at application centres, and globally many application centres remain closed due to COVID19. Additionally the UK government’s restrictions on international travel are still in place. Flights are another logistical challenge because air traffic is well below average volume at present. For countries where Tb testing is mandatory – appointments are hard to schedule.

The British Council has shared the following heat map on VAC availability:

BrainGain Magazine

Universities UK International who wrote an open letter to international students offering support and welcoming them, said that they were “aware of issues with VAC (Visa Application Centres) capacity in certain countries,” and had “raised these with UKVI.” (The PIE)

A spokesperson for UUKi told the media that the organisation was also working the government with obtain concessions for international students who are struggling with the visa process. These concessions could include:

  • Students can apply for visas from a different VAC if their local one is closed.
  • Students should be allowed to apply for a replacement visa. This will be free of charge until the end of 2020.
  • Students can begin their courses online and meet credit requirements in case of travel delay.

Most UK universities are making provisions for in-person tuition. That said, universities are also preparing online modules for students who are eager to start their studies but facing the challenges listed above.

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