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International Research Scholarships from Flinders University

One of Australia’s top research universities, Flinders University, has announced international research scholarships for Masters and Post-Doctoral programs.
BY Skendha Singh |   08-07-2015
Flinders Universityrecently announced a generous and competitive scholarship for postgraduate research students all over the world.

The University, which was founded in 1966 in honour of navigator Matthew Flinders, prides itself on its excellence in research and teaching. It is one of the seven members of the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) Group. The University also ranked in the Top 100 under 50 rankings of THE (2013). Flinders is widely known for its outstanding Sociology, Psychology and Medicine departments.

The recently announced Flinders International PG Research Scholarship (FIPRS) cover the entire tuition fees and a stipend. Up to 10 scholarships will be awarded to Masters and Doctoral students each year. The main criteria is that applicants must demonstrate outstanding aptitude for independent research.

Here is what the scholarship includes:

  1. Living allowance: A sum of approximately 25000 AUD.
  2. Establishment allowance: Approximately 1500 AUD covering airfares and location costs, on producing relevant receipts and bills.
  3. Duration:Research Doctorate candidates can receive the scholarship for 3 years, whereas those pursuing a Research Masters degree will receive the scholarship for two years.

To be eligible, the candidates must possess the following qualifications:

  1. Academic Transcripts of first class honours degree (with a research project in the final year).
  2. Certificate of English proficiency.
  3. A research proposal not more than 500 words in length, outlining the hypothesis and the approach.
  4. An informal agreement with a staff member of your relevant department, which declares that they will supervise you on the event of your admission.
  5. Copies of up to 5 publications in your field of research.  Other publications can be mentioned on the CV.
  6. Two academic references.
  7. CV.

The scholarships are bound to be extremely competitive, given Australia’s growing reputation as an international education destination, but well worth all the hard work! Go ahead and apply, it might just be the key to your Australian dream!

For more information: Visit the Flinders University website.



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