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How to choose a university in 3 easy steps

COVID-19 has changed the world as we knew it. However, choosing the right college or university is as important as ever. BrainGain Magazine is here to help.
BY BrainGain Magazine Staff Writer |   10-02-2022

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Choosing a university can be a decision you make with the roll of dice or after months of research. Now that so much has changed after the pandemic, there are a number of new considerations that you and your family have to factor in.

But, if you take the right call, your university years can be a few of the most important ones of your life (give or take a pandemic). So, because we want to help – we’ve come up with three important questions that can help you make this all-important choice.

  1. Where do you want to live? Or, how do you want to study?

    The earlier questions were simply about looking for a big city experience vs a small college community. But now you have to think about whether you want to attend classes in person, or online, or in a hybrid model.

    Over the last two years, shifting to online classes has been a deal breaker for many students internationally. So, communicate with your universities and see what they have to offer – what are the measures in place for potential future waves? How would you cope?

    Then there is the question of faculty quality and academic opportunity. Do you want a small class size where the lecturer calls you by your name? Or are you comfortable with large seminars? All this information is available on university websites. But, in case it isn’t, do not hesitate to ask your admissions contact or a member of the faculty.

  2. What do you want to study?

    Now, this is question looms as large as it did for students before COVID-19. Since it is a huge investment, you must ensure that the university’s study environment allows you to learn and grow in the way that’s right for you.
    However, if you signed up for a course that offers semesters abroad – it’s time to check whether that could still work for you. And what is the failsafe option?

    Then, there is the pathway to your degree. International students often look for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary learning. Is your undergrad degree going to be a wandering road with electives from philosophy and history as you end up majoring in film? Or are you clear from the get go about your major?

    The question you must ask yourself is how much of a challenge are you looking for? Do you want a taught degree or to do more research? Then look for the universities which cater to your needs.

  3. Which university has the best student life?

    Ah, this question has a whole new meaning in 2022. Clubs and societies at university are traditionally a great opportunity to network with people. However, when you are in lockdown, you have to figure out how vibrant your social connections are and whether there are digital infrastructures in place to help these connections thrive in the digital environment.

    You should ask faculty and current students on how they are staying connected post-COVID.
Student life abroad is one of the greatest privileges. Make sure your choice of university helps you to make the most of it.


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