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Holland: A Pleasant Experience

PhD in Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft

For continuing my higher education I selected the Netherlands and got enrolled in the Masters program at TU Delft in 2005. Now I am pursuing my PhD in Aerospace Engineering at the chair of space systems engineering at TU delft.

It has been a delightful experience in the Netherlands both as a Masters student and as a PhD candidate. In the Academic environment the most striking and impressive aspect was the flat hierarchy in the faculty. This encourages an open and frank discussion of ideas between students and staff. The general concept for PhD work is for everyone to become an independent researcher. The Dutch are known to be straightforward in their approach and you will be impressed by how they work so proficiently. They will clearly and openly express their approval or disapproval of your work, which helps get clarity and direction to your process. It took me a little time to get used to, but then I realized that this approach was more effective and saved a lot of time. They find an excellent balance between work and rest. We get a chance to travel around Europe and experience the diverse culture and lifestyles of other European countries.

Meeting students from different countries gave me a chance to feel the international harmony with which the world advances. I feel there is always an invisible power that connects us and helps us support each other to pursue our dreams.In more general aspects, food and weather are maybe the two things that present challenges for people coming from abroad, especially from a place like India. It takes time getting used to but it is a very enjoyable experience.My stay in the Netherlands has enhanced my life and knowledge way beyond my expectations

Article by: Neso Desk India



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