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Growing Number of Indian Students head to Holland

Every year, the numbers of international students in The Netherlands grows. Many students come from within the EU, but some non-EU countries, such as India, are showing increasing interest in Holland.
BY Eurogates |   01-11-2013
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A Canal in Amsterdam; Photo courtesy of: Eurogates

Over the past five years, students from India have steadily increased their interest in studying in The Netherlands. The high quality of education and the wide variety of choices in Holland continue to attract more and more students every year.

For Indian students, the most popular subjects are Engineering (65%) and Economics (12%), followed by Natural Sciences (9%) and Agriculture & Natural Environment studies. The most popular schools therefore are Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology, and Wageningen University.

As India makes efforts to improve its higher education system, we see an opportunity for many more Indian students to study abroad. Creating internationally comparable curricula and signing agreements with various countries to ensure diploma recognition at home and abroad has provided students with the chance to gain education in countries like The Netherlands.

During the 2008-2009 academic year, just under 200,000 Indian students left to study in a programme at a foreign institution. This number has been growing ever since and is predicted to continue rising as the demand for high quality post-secondary programmes also rises. Currently, about 6% of paid researchers in The Netherlands come from India.

Many Indian students who have come to study in The Netherlands have described their experiences in testimonials on the Nuffic Neso Desk - India. They share first impressions, give advice to future students coming from India to study, and offer tips about what they’ve learned about their new school and country.

To read some summaries of these testimonials and to see more information about the various programmes and universities, check out the Eurogates article about Indian students in Holland.

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