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Getting Started to Study in Sweden

With stellar educational infrastructure and university facilities, Sweden is not to be ignored as a study abroad destination.
BY Braingain Staff Writer |   06-08-2014
Quick Facts about Sweden

With a population of 9.7 million, Sweden is a country in Europe, somewhat sandwiched in between Norway and Finland. It is very easy to access Denmark from Sweden‘s southern-most tip.

85% of the population live in cities. Stockholm is the capital, followed by Goteborg in the west, and Malmo in the south.

Sweden is 1,574km across from North to South, which means a lot of temperature variation.

The lowest recorded temperature in February in the far north is -53 degrees centigrade.

The highest recorded temperature in June in the south is +38 degrees centigrade.

Sweden is home to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which gives out the annual Nobel Prizes. The prize is the legacy of Alfred Nobel, who invented dynamite.

Since 1901, 561 Nobel prizes have been awarded in Sweden.
Academic Year

The academic year is split into two parts: Autumn semester and Spring semester.

Autumn semester begins at the end of August – international students are encouraged to apply to begin university in Sweden then.

The Spring semester – which begins in April, is intended more as a starting term for students from the EU countries as they do not require a residency permit.
Application Process

To apply for the Autumn semester (August start-date):

1st December (of the year prior to that in which you plan to start – ie. 1st December 2014, for a university start date in August 2015) – 15th January: submit application & pay application fee

1st December – end January: submit any required supporting documents (check with the individual university you are applying to as to what they require)

February: apply for any scholarships

Mid-March: Notifications of acceptances

Beginning of April: Respond to notification of acceptance or scholarship offers

Mid-April: Second selection round – for those who weren’t accepted in mid-March

April-June: Apply for residence permit; pay first instalment on tuition fees

End of August: start of the Autumn semester


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