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Gelato University - everything you need to know

Don't let your ice cream shoppe dreams melt away just yet.
BY Tina Varghese |   10-04-2017
Gelato in Florence, Italy (image by Hiro Kobashi, used under CC license)

Do you love ice cream? Of course you do. But do you love it enough to wear the crown of the gelato messiah, who delivers happiness in scoop-fulls to the world? If yes, then please keep reading.

Founded in 2003 by the angels in heaven Carpigiani Group from Italy, (who also invented the first automatic gelato machine, BTW), the Carpigiani Gelato University was set up in the beautiful city of Bologna. It aims to teach aspiring gelato magnates the art of making the delicioso Italian ice cream.

The courses are usually intensive. Lessons are taught in classrooms and labs, and offered in multiple languages including Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.

What can you study?

CGU offers a range of different courses which can help you master an incredible range of creamy, silky and luscious treats, including gelatos, sorbets, frozen yogurt, gelato pastries, gelato cakes, and semifreddos. Moreover, students are also taught how to successfully manage, market and operate a gelato business.

The courses are of basic, intermediate and advanced levels, which take you from the fundamentals of making the perfect gelato, to mastering intricate gelato-based desserts. You can even sign up for a special one-day course on artisan gelato making, which includes crash courses on production cycles, comparative and production tasting, and various gelato recipes. Additionally, you can even learn from the comfort of your own couch, as CGU offers online webinars on a number of different gelato related topics.


Where can you study?

CGU’s main campus is in Bologna, Italy. But, it offers courses in its international campuses in cities including Dubai, Sao Paulo, Kaula Lampur, Bangkok, London, Edinburgh, Columbia and Singapore.


In the 3-part gelato course, you lucky ducks can get first-hand experience of working in a ‘geletaria’ or a gelato shop, in order to fully understand the practical know-hows of gelato making (you probably need to drop some $$$ for this though). This would typically include hands-on work in areas such as base mix production (whipped gelato and soft gelato), gelato production, product storage (raw materials, gelato), sales, cleaning and maintenance of equipment, and so on. These internships vary in duration. And if you have completed 80% of the course, you receive a certificate of participation.

Your turn

Students from all over the world come to study at the Gelato University, in order to learn the secrets and apply the art. You can check out more about their fees and curriculum at

What are you waiting for? Your gelato empire awaits. Godspeed.

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