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Four Canadian Colleges Among Top Twenty Animation Schools in the World

CG Student Awards rated 4 animation colleges among top 20 in the world. The decision was taken after analyzing student portfolios.
BY Skendha Singh |   24-07-2015

An analysis of submissions to the Autodesk-sponsored CG Student Awards shows that four Canadian colleges count among the top 20 schools in the world for visual effects, animation and game design.

The top 20 list is based on assessments by industry experts of over 1000 submissions of portfolios from students and recent graduates studying at 216 international schools. The Canadian schools on the list include:

  • Think Tank Training Center in Vancouver, (number 3)
  • Vancouver Film School in Vancouver (number 6)
  • Sheridan College in Oakville (number 11)
  • National Animation and Design Centre in Montréal (number 18)

The panel of judges based their votes on such criteria as creative skills, technical skills, presentation, raw talent and future potential.  “Having access to over 1,000 entries ranked from top-to-bottom by industry experts is an extremely powerful indicator of where the best talent is coming from on a global scale,” said Andrew McDonald, CG Student Awards Co-Founder.

One of the major advantages of Canadian higher education is that learning is skill based. This means that interaction with industries, as part of co-op programs ensures that graduates have the industrial edge alongside their aca

Canadian institutions offer world class programs in computer science, innovation, gaming, software engineering and related fields at diploma, certificate, undergraduate, graduate and PhD levels. For information on courses and programs offered by Canadian universities and colleges, students can log onto: here.

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