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Study in Europe through Erasmus Mundus; Applications Due

Erasmus Mundus India to Europe (EMINTE) is a scholarship programme designed to fund Indian students to European universities.
BY Braingain Staff Writer |   11-11-2013
Study, work or do research in Europe - Fully funded scholarships

What is EMINTE?

Erasmus Mundus
Erasmus Mundus INdia To Europe (EMINTE) is a scholarship programme designed to fund academic mobility of students and staff of Indian nationality to Europe. The programme is part of a larger EU-programme (Erasmus Mundus Action 2) with the aim to promote institutional cooperation and mobility activities between Europe and other parts of the world.

Fields of study

You can apply for a variety of fields of study at the ten European partner universities.

For the complete list of available courses/programmes and positions, visit the EMINTE website.

Prioritised fields of study within this project are:
  • Health, water and sanitation
  • Energy and infrastructure
  • Environment studies and natural resource studies
  • Social welfare
  • Education and teacher training
Who can apply?

The EMINTE scholarships are open for mobility for Indian nationals. Applicants must belong to one of the target groups. Undergraduate applicants must have finished at least one year of study.

Target group 1

Nationals of India registered as students or staff at one of the partner universities.
Scholarships are available for academic/administra­tive staff and students/researchers on undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral levels.

Target group 2

Nationals of India registered at an Indian higher educa­tion institution that is not included in the EMINTE partnership, or having obtained an university degree or equivalent at an Indian higher education institu­tion.

Scholarships are available for academic/administra­tive staff and students/researchers on master, doctoral and post-doctoral levels.

Target group 3

Nationals of India who are in particularly vulnerable situations, including scheduled casts/tribes, other backward classes and people with disabilities.

Scholarships are available for students on under-graduate, master and PhD levels.

How long is the duration of the scholarship

Undergraduate  1-2 academic semesters
Master  1-4 academic semesters
Doctorate  1-6 academic semesters
Post-doctorate 6-9 months
Staff  1 month
How and when do I apply?

The online application can be accessed via the project website. Read more about application procedures and requirements on:

Partner universities:

In Europe
  1. Freie Universität Berlin - Germany
  2. Lund University - Sweden
  3. University of Amsterdam - Netherlands
  4. University College Dublin - Ireland
  5. University of Deusto - Spain
  6. University of Leuven - Belgium
  7. University of Ljubljana - Slovenia
  8. University of Trieste - Italy
  9. University of Warsaw - Poland
  10. Uppsala University - Sweden

In India
  1. Gandhigram Rural Institute
  2. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
  3. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
  4. Jadavpur University
  5. Jawaharlal Nehru University
  6. North Orissa University
  7. Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences
  8. Tata Institute of Social Sciences
  9. University of Kerala
  10. University of Pune

Associate partners
  1. Centre for Research & Education for Social
  2. Transformation (CREST)
  3. National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR)
  4. Swedish South Asian Studies Network (SASNET)
  5. Swedish Chamber of Commerce in India
  6. Tibetan Children’s Educational Welfare Fund (TCEWF)

Scholarships for education, research and work in Europe
The Erasmus Mundus INdia To Europe (EMINTE) Scholarship Programme offers scholarships for academics, staff and students of Indian nationality. Students, teachers, researchers and staff will have the opportunity to study, teach or work at one of ten prestigious universities in Europe. The scholarship covers travel costs, insurance, tuition fee and living expenses.


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