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Become an Architect, Italian Style

Are buildings and structures with design elements your passion? Then check out the Italian style at some of their best institutions for architectural programmes.
BY Rimi Chakraborty |   09-07-2014
Polytechnic University of Milan; Photo courtesy:
Do classical buildings make you see beauty in form and structure? Perhaps then, architecture is a future career for you. Whether you’re a novice setting out to learn or a mid-career architect wanting to get to grips on how the Italians do it - head to Italy – pick Milan, Bologna, or Rome – and study under some of the world’s finest faculty there.    

Rub shoulders with Fashionistas and learn the art of Buildings

Although more famously known for being the home to several designer brands, and Italy’s financial capital, Milan (or Milano, in Italian), has been ranked consistently in the lists for being one of the best cities in the world for students.

The Politecnico di Milano boasts renowned architects Aldo Rossi (famous for his works at the Venice Biennale) and Marco Zanuso, among others, as alumni.

The University’s School of Architecture Society and School of Civil Architecture offers a Bachelor of Science degree (Laurea) in Architectural Science, Architectural Design, and Architecture and Building Construction. They also offer a Master of Science Degree (Laurea Magistrale) in Architecture, Architectural Designs, and Building Architecture.

Although the architecture program is taught in both English and Italian, it is beneficial for students to know a little bit of Italian to start – as some of the electives are only taught in Italian.

Learn to create while you eat in Bologna

Bologna, better known for its food, also boasts mediaeval streets and gothic architecture. Founded in 1088, The University of Bologna  is considered to be the oldest existing university in the world.

University of Bologna; Photo courtesy:

Bologna’s School of Engineering and Architecture offers a five year Single Cycle Degree program (Laurea Magistrale a ciclo unico) in Architecture and Construction Engineering. The course contains an internship program, which provides a valuable opportunity for students to experience the work environment. The internships last for 150 hours and students can work with an institution within the university or in association with it. The program is taught entirely in Italian.

Bologna also offers various scholarships and study grants for international students enrolled in the university; you can find a few of these here. Additionly, students may also apply for paid tutorship activities in roles such as a guidance tutor or student residences support tutor, during the course.

Make for Rome like the Romans

Sapienza University di Roma is set in the heart of the ancient city of Rome – home to the architectural delights of the ancient Roman Forum and the Colosseum, among other beautiful ancient structures.

The Colosseum, Rome

The Department of Architecture and Design at Sapienza offers a Master of Science in Architecture as well as specialized courses in town planning, landscape architecture, interior architecture, industrial design, and land planning and management. Through learning about archeology, cultural heritage, sports facilities, buildings of worship, and historical housing and places, with special seminars and workshops, one can experience the essence of architecture here.

Students are expected to demonstrate an intermediate level of Italian language proficiency in order to attend the university. However, not all classes are taught in English – so for students wanting to progress into specific courses, a higher level of Italian is required.



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