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Arizona State University vs New York University

If a U.S. education is the way you are leaning, then check out the differences between a large public university in Arizona and Big Apple's private institution.
BY Braingain Staff Writer |   22-05-2014
(L to R) Sethuraman "Panch" Panchanathan, Arizona State University, and Jerry MacArthur Hultin, New York University
If the U.S. is where you’re leaning towards heading, then check out some of the perspectives presented by Professor Jerry MacArthur Hultin from NYU and Professor Sethuraman “Panch” Panchanathan  from ASU at the student session at The Imperial Hotel in New Delhi, in February.

Jerry Hultin: Arizona State University (ASU) and New York University (NYU) are two very different universities – both are world famous. ASU has a better football team; NYU has no football team. ASU is a public university; NYU is a private university. This means there are differences in what they cost to attend, not a lot of differences in how good they are.

Panch: Research the universities you want to go to. That’s the first thing you can do for yourself in order to get to the university you want to be at.
Jerry: As students from India, you bring a premium; you bring some new ideas, new culture, to what’s already going on.

Panch: It’s about the experience – the global awareness and what that makes you. Don’t care about going abroad if you’re looking for other people who are the same as you – or the same food you eat every day at home. If you are willing to try new experiences, then going abroad is for you.

Jerry: Today, we all know facts are in the internet. We’re looking to teach you skills that are related to how you learn. How you learn more. And then use it for creative and innovative processes.

Arizona State University

ASU Campus; Photo courtesy:
  • Located in Phoenix, Arizona, ASU is ranked #79 in the QS World University Rankings; was not ranked in the top 200 10 years ago, but is the only university to enter and climb that fast.

  • The weather is warm and sunny, and you won’t have to worry about having a lot of warm clothes! Very similar to Delhi – probably warmer than Delhi in winter.

  • ASU grants its students a lot of academic freedom; they are free to move between majors and departments until they find the right fit.

  • ASU’s Barrett College, the Honors college of the university, is one of the U.S.’s most highly rated arts colleges for students interested in the liberal arts and humanities.

  • Being a public university, ASU’s fees are considerably lower than NYU’s (an estimated total of $25,890 for on-campus residents versus $72,577 for undergraduates enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences at NYU).

  • Encourages students to be innovative and creative.

New York University

NYU; Photo courtesy:
  • NYU is expanding in its mission to become more and more global. It now has three campuses: in New York City, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai. Students entering any of the three campuses earn the same degree, i.e., from NYU.

  • The university expects all its undergraduate students to study at least one semester in a campus besides their ‘home’ campus. This is done to encourage ‘cosmopolitanism’ and bolster international exposure.

  • Besides spending a semester on another NYU campus, students can avail of many different exchange opportunities to cities like Prague, Paris, Accra or Tel Aviv.

  • NYU’s Stern Business School is ranked 8th in the world for business education.

Engage with the city you live in. There’s only so much the school itself can do for you: what matters is what you do with your time there.

Studying in the USA - Perspectives from NYU & ASU: Student Session



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