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Are you a student at risk? Apply now for a PhD scholarship from Portsmouth Business School

University of Portsmouth's business school is offering two generous PhD bursaries this year to scholars under threat. Deadline for applications is 30 June.
BY Skendha Singh |   01-06-2017

This year, the Portsmouth Business School is offering two full PhD scholarships to international students in partnership with Scholars at Risk and Amnesty International.

The Scholars at Risk PhD scholarship is towards pursuing any discipline of study within the Portsmouth Business School. The Amnesty International PhD scholarship is towards research in the field of Human Rights law and policy in emerging economies. Both scholarships are fully-funded. This includes all university fees and a sum of 14,000 GBP towards living expenses. The scholarship covers a period of three years.

Panos Kapotas, senior lecturer at the School of Law at Portsmouth Business School, said: “The PBS Scholarship scheme is our way to help not only make a difference in the lives of young researchers, but also offer them the tools to help build a better future for their communities back home.”

Ahmad Abd Rabuh came to the UK in March 2016, after completing a master’s degree from the University of Qatar. Although he was born in Qatar and lived there for several years during the Syrian uprising, he was told by Qatari officials that he would not receive citizenship and would have to leave after his graduation. Meanwhile, conditions in Syria made it impossible to return.

Now, he is pursuing a PhD in System Management/Finance and Banking from the Portsmouth Business School. Once he graduates, he wants to either continue working in academia or find a job at a firm in a big city such as London, New York or Chicago. Eventually, he hopes to return to Syria.
“I want to build back my country so people are sage again and be one of the people founding the new system.”

Another recipient of the scholarship is Omid Shams - an Iranian journalist and political activist. Mr. Shams is now researching mechanisms of indirect censorship at PBS through the scheme. He said, “It would not be possible for me to return to Iran after my studies – the subject matter of my research could put me at even more risk if I go back. But I hope to work at an international human rights organization where my research will have an impact on the country.”

Applicants are expected to have a Master’s degree in a relevant subject matter, although candidates with 2:1 or above undergraduate degree are also encouraged to apply. They must be fluent in English (IELTS level 6 or equivalent).

The application must include a personal statement under the head “PBS Amnesty International/Scholars at Risk Bursary Scheme.” Deadline for applications is 30 June 2017. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a Skype interview for the next round.
For further information, click here.

Potential candidates can also contact Dr. Panos Kapotas at



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