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6 tips to make the most of student life in Canada

If you're an international student in Canada, follow these 6 tips to make the most of your experience.
BY Skendha Singh |   27-03-2018
Vietnamese Student Canada Flag - Image credit: The Pie News
Image credit: The Pie News

Starting a new chapter of your life in a foreign country will be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Everything – from your academics to the food, from culture to the people, will become a learning experience.

This is especially true of Canada – a country known for its climate, diversity and welcoming culture. As an international student, you will be exposed to new ways of learning and living. Here are 6 tips which will help you make the best of your study abroad experience in Canada.

  1. Be prepared for the cold
    Although Canada has distinct seasons, temperatures in the north fall to 0 degree Celsius. It is best to be prepared for the weather. Invest in good quality warm clothing – warm hats, scarves, and jackets. Dressing in layers is important as temperatures change from inside to outside.

    Also, don’t be afraid to seek medical assistance in case your extremities – toes, fingers, ears, nose and cheeks become pale or slightly blue. You don’t want to risk frostbite.
  2. Stay safe
    Canada is a safe country but you need to follow all the rules for personal safety as you would in any other part of the world.

    For international students, registering with the country’s embassy or consulate is a good idea. You should also have the contact details of your campus security. In fact, many campuses even offer “walk home” services.

    While it’s important even at home, it’s critical when you’re abroad that you know your route when you walk, bike, or travel from one place to another. Also, make sure that someone knows where you are.
  3. Get connected
    Keeping in touch with family and friends back home is important. You don’t want to add homesickness to your list of teething troubles in a new country.

    Also, make an effort to connect with various student clubs, societies, and support groups. This will help you to find roots in your new city.
  4. Organise your finances
    Many Canadian universities charge sundry fees - from application to dental and health insurance. You might also need to pay for bus and travel passes. Make sure you have a full list of fees. You can ask the international office at your university for a list. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

    Also, it will be a great idea to plan ahead, and make a budget every month. Of course, there will be times when you’re under and over budget, but being disciplined will save you a lot of stress in a foreign country.
  5. Manage your time
    Time is money is an old saying that’s almost cliché now. However, cliché or not, you will not be able to make the best of life in Canada without being disciplined about time.
    Not only will you have to schedule time for classes and fieldwork. You will also need to pencil in extracurricular activities and social events. To stay sane, you will also need personal time.
  6. Ask for help
    You’re going to need it. Whether it is adjusting to a new education system, or understanding your subject, understanding the food menu, or finding your way about town – be sure to ask for help.

    It will get you wherever you want to be much faster. What will make it easier for you is that Canadians are friendly and approachable. And your university will have an office to support international students, so you can make the best of your study abroad experience.



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