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5 reasons you should be studying in Australia

BrainGain magazine brings you 5 reasons to study in Australia. Other than Hugh Jackman, of course.
BY Tina Varghese |   05-10-2015
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Studying abroad is a dream for many students. It is also a life changing decision, a huge investment, and great exposure. Increasingly, more and more students are flocking to Australia. Last year alone saw a 5.8% increase in the number of international students. So, why should you study in Australia? BrainGain magazine brings you 5 reasons!

  1. High Standards of Educational Excellence

    Australia is the third most academically popular country when it comes to higher education. Six of the top 100 universities in the world are Australian! (Times Higher Education) It offers over 20,000 different courses ranging from life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, engineering to arts. The government spends over a billion dollars in funding block grants to support research and training. It has also set up the Australian Universities' Quality Agency (AUQA), to ensure the quality of education. All Australian universities, whether in the country or offshore, are expected to maintain the highest standards.

  2. More Economical than the US and the UK

    The Australian Government welcomes international students with open arms and shells out over $200 million dollars on scholarships and grants. In fact, an undergraduate tuition fee in a public university in USA will set you back around $54000 per year, whereas the same degree will only cost you around $15000-25000 US dollars from an Australian public university. Furthermore, the living cost of most areas, like Adelaide and Canberra, is quite less compared to the metros, and you get can get by sufficiently without burning a hole in your pocket.

  3. Simpler Visa Process

    Obtaining student visas for US and UK involves crucial waiting periods, and lower success rates. Acquiring an Australian visa can be comparatively easier, with the government implementing a simplified student visa framework.

  4. Goodbye Boredom

    Jet boating, wave surfing, snorkeling, deep sea diving, wine tasting, sandboarding, petting koalas, or feeding kangaroos are a few of the gazillion activities that you can indulge in, if you love that adrenaline rush. If you like to take it easy, walk along the beautiful beaches sprawling along the beautiful Australian coastline, or drive along the countryside taking in the lush views of the evergreen landscape.

  5. Delicious Diversity

    Home to people from all corners of the world, Australia boasts of a diversified palette of traditions, religions, and ethnicities. It has welcomed more than four hundred thousand migrants in the past few years. Naturally, this makes the nation a melting pot of many cultures, and each culture adds its unique flavor to the diverse and exciting Australian cuisine. Think chicken tikkas, emu burgers, pavlovas and the humble vegemite on toast. Australia has much to offer, and something for everyone! Experience Australia, it is the chance of a lifetime.


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