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Here are the 5 most international universities in the world

This niche list from Times Higher Education draws on data from other studies to choose cities known for diverse and thriving student populations.
BY BrainGain Magazine Staff Writer |   30-01-2021

5 most international universities in the World University Rankings
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Times Higher Education

If you are keen on studying in a country where universities can boast of a diverse student body and teaching faculty, and has strong international collaborations on research projects, the Times Higher Education advises you to consider Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK.

The ranking relied on metrics such as international student score, international staff, international reputation. THE also noted that diverse student bodies often help universities improve teaching and research while students with international study experiences are likely to become better global citizens.

So, which are the top 5 most international universities? Take a look.

  1. University of Hong Kong

    With over 35% of enrolled students being international, this Hong Kong university is well on its way to achieve its mission of being ‘Asia’s Global University’ by 2022.

    Language is no barrier either since the medium of education is English.

  2. ETH Zurich

    Founded in 1854, this public research university focused on science and technology education. The academic quality and low fees are a huge attraction for international students. It has more than 22000 students from over 120 countries.

    Not only that, the PhD graduates often earn high salaries. If you think about an RoI on your degree, there’s no doubt that this is one of your best options.

  3. Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Another Hong Kong entry in the list, the Chinese University of Hong Kong is noteworthy for its extensive network of academic collaborations across 36 countries.

    It is the only higher education institute in Hong Kong whose faculty includes winners of the Nobel, Turing, Fields and Veblen prizes.

  4. University of Oxford

    Ranked #1 in THE’s World University rankings for the fourth consecutive year, Oxford attracts students from over 160 countries and territories. According to THE, the first international student arrived at the university in 1190.

  5. Imperial College London

    The College focuses exclusively on science, technology, medicine and business education. Approximately 60% of its student body is international and over 125 countries are represented on campus.

    There are many student clubs and societies on campus to support and improve the international student experience such as the Indian National Student Association and International Medical Careers.

Other entries on the list include universities such as Cambridge, National University of Singapore, Auckland, and British Columbia.

You can see the rest of the Times Higher Education list here.



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