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5 great hospitality management degrees in Ireland

Ireland is famous for a lot of things - bread, leprechauns, rainy days, W.B. Yeats, and the quality of their hospitality courses. We share 5 great options below.
BY Mayank Dixit |   30-04-2018

Hospitality management is a forever expanding industry that employs a vast number of people worldwide. This industry is concerned with developing business models that promise top quality food, accommodation, and a welcoming atmosphere to tourists.
A formal degree in the hospitality sector not only enhances your personality overall, but also gives you a tremendous exposure through communication with people belonging to different nationalities and cultures.
If you’re considering a degree in hospitality management, Ireland is one of the best choices.
Why? Ireland is fast emerging as a favorite for international students across disciplines. Many reputed universities in Ireland offer competent hospitality training, with sufficient time devoted to practical learning too.
Here, we list the 5 top hospitality courses one can study in Ireland -

1.    Hospitality Management - Dublin Institute of Technology
Course duration - 3 years
DIT teaches this bachelor of arts degree in 7 languages namely- English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Irish and Non-language (a special mode of instruction in which the course is not taught in words. Teaching mainly occurs through the help of visual aids).
The course adopts an industry oriented curriculum with equal attention to academic as well as practical methodology. It aims to build a strong foundation among students regarding the workings of the hospitality industry.
For more information on the course material, fees and employment options, click here.
2.    International Hotel Management - National University of Ireland, Galway
Course duration - 4 years and 9 months
This bachelor’s in business studies is taught at Shannon College of Hotel Management inCo Clare. It focuses on teaching a curriculum to students that combines the knowledge of business studies as well as hotel management.
As a part of the course, students work in top international hotels for a period of 20-21 months. This working period aims to strengthen their communication skills, as well provide them with a sound understanding of the hotel industry.
For more information regarding this course, click here
3.   Hospitality Management, Honors - Cork Institute of Technology
Course duration-3 years
The bachelor of business in hospitality management course, offered by CIT, has a slightly different curriculum as compared to other courses offered by the Irish universities.
This program substantially focuses on an entrepreneurial approach for teaching students about the hospitality industry which is useful for those who wish to start their own chain of hotels.
The program also allows a student, who has successfully completed two years of this program to drop out in the 3rd year. In such a case, the student is awarded Higher Certificate in Business in Hospitality Management.
For more information on the course, click here

4.  Hospitality and Tourism -  Letterkenny Institute of Technology
Course duration- 3 years
This bachelor of arts is taught in batches with low strength to ensure proper holistic understanding for each student. The program is designed with the aim of providing employment to students as soon as they finish their course.
In addition to this, LyIT offers various certificate courses in specific hospitality fields such as Bar and Restaurant Supervision and Food and Beverage Operations.
For more information regarding various aspects of the course, click here
5. Tourism Management - Cork Institute of Technology
Course duration- 4 years
This bachelor of business has been devised keeping in mind the vast, untapped tourism potential of Ireland. It focuses on developing the management and marketing skills of students in the field of tourism.
Further, it provides students with the opportunity of working closely with the hospitality sector thus improving their employment prospects.
For more information on the course, click here
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