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4 great podcasts to tune into this summer

Whether you're prepping for college, making your way through it, or are a graduate - these podcasts can help you make the best of your time.
BY BrainGain Magazine Staff Writer |   24-06-2021


Summer is when you have time. The days are long, the schedule is (hopefully) uncluttered, and you are free to listen and learn, especially if socialization is still restricted.

Here are four podcasts for you to get real value of your leisure time. Whether it’s improving your hold on grammar, figuring out the admissions maze with Joi Wade, or understanding the ins and outs of being an international student, these podcasts have it all!

Grammar Girl: Mignon Fogarty has written seven books on language including the New York Times bestseller – ‘Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing.’

This podcast has won the Best Education Podcast in the Podcast Awards five times in a row!

Don’t worry – it’s not drab at all. Topics for her podcast include ‘What made “Friends” funny’, ‘Writing dialogue’, and ‘How to Write Faster.’

If she’s good enough to feature on Oprah, she’s good enough to feature on your playlist.

You Got into Where?: Joi Wade is an admissions coach who won over $500,000 in scholarship offers from various universities. She chose to join University of Southern California on a full-ride. Her understanding of the admissions process and her success has driven her to share her insights as a coach for high–school students.

Every Monday, she talks about different aspects of the process – like test prep, finances, essays, resumes, recommendations and extracurriculars.

She has interviewed guests like Megan Dorsey from College Prep Results, Taylor Reneau from Ivy Advise, and author Renee Lopez.

She also offers additional resources on her website: including eBooks and a course.

College Info Geeks: Well, you’ve made it into college – now what? That’s where College Info Geeks comes in. In this podcast, Thomas Frank and Martin Boehme discuss productivity, finance and other fun things every fortnight. Arguably one of the best podcasts for college students, this one is focused on how to make the most of college life. However, their tips and strategies can be applied well beyond college life as well.

Topics of previous episodes have included: time blocking, analysis paralysis and credit scores, and ultralearning.

A very cool podcast that will get you through college years and beyond.

Absolutely intercultural: Being an international student is fun, challenging and educational. This podcast deals with varied facets of the international student experience.

Often, you can hear directly from the students as they talk about issues like being green in different cultures, stereotypes based on age, gender and nationality, and

Are there any podcasts that you’re currently tuning into and would like to share with the community? Tell us in the comments sections.



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