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Musical Talent minus Musical Degrees

When considering a career in music, aspiring performers and music instructors often ask themselves whether they should pursue formal training in the field. The broad consensus seems to be that some time spent at a top music school equips students with valuable tools for a lifetime but that it needs luck and raw talent to make it really big.

Short-term fellowship opportunity for violinists

The Atlantic Music Festival has a last-minute opening for a four-week residency at Colby College, Maine

Why it makes sense to study music in a conservatory

Véronique Riou, who taught the violin at a conservatory in France for 35 years, chatted with BrainGain Magazine about music education in her country

Striking up a Symphony with George Mathew

Singaporean-born Indian conductor, George Mathew, came to America to study conservation biology in Hampshire College but ended up devouring the music curriculum at a liberal arts college.

'The most limiting education lies within the walls of a classroom'

The learning one gains outside the classroom is realistic and impactful, covering subjects such as life skills, compassion, citizen-literacy, humanism, and collective consciousness, says Farzana Cama Balpande, head of BookASmile

At the Console with S.O.N.R.: 7 Questions with DJ Rishi Handa

Armed with a BA degree in advertising from Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, S.O.N.R.’s Rishi Handa started his musical journey through sheer passion – buying his first mixer in 2001, and performing all over the island from bars and nightclubs, to the famous Full Moon gatherings on the star-lit beaches of Honolulu.

6 questions with a Music Technology major

Joshua Smith, an undergraduate at Drexel University, Philadelphia, explains what the Music Industry major is all about.

Jazz From an Indian American Perspective

For many musicians, playing the fearless jazz improvisations of American pianist The lonious Monk and the undulating rhythmic intricacies of Carnatic music from southern India might seem like an odd combination.

7 Questions with "Bombay Dreams" Star Manu Narayan

Manu Narayan, graduated from the Carnegie Mellon School of Music, and impressed A.R Rahman with his classical music training to land the lead in the hit Broadway musical "Bombay Dreams."

Why do we celebrate Womens Day on March 8?

Spoiler alert: There’s more to it than flowers, flowery language, and sugary food

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