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Why Bloomberg's Record $1.8 Billion Gift to Johns Hopkins is a Great Decision

Michael Bloomberg’s donation is designed to make the elite private research university in Baltimore both need blind and loan-free, with thousands of scholarships.

The Top 10 Australian Universities for Medicine

BrainGain magazine brings you a list of ten schools in Australia, where you can experience the best of medical education.

Ask Yourself Why You Want to Do Medicine

The desire for quality education and financial independence drives graduates of South Asian medical schools to America, writes Dhruv Joshi who is being trained at the Good Samaritan Hospital’s internal medicine residency program. In order to qualify here, they have to pass a series of rigorous exams and complete residency training. The best part is that residents get paid USD 40,000 to USD 55,000 during training.

5 new specialisations in medicine you need to check out

Medical science is always evolving. To keep up with the latest advancements in the said field, Braingain Magazine brings to you 5 Emerging disciplines in the field of medical science.

Studying Medicine Around the World

Getting into medical schools in the U.S. and U.K. becoming increasingly difficult. Not only does entry into these schools require very high grades and facing tough competition, but the tuition fees are often impossible to meet. Here are a couple of other countries whose medical schools you could consider instead.

Telemedicine Can Help Improve India′s Public Health Record

Telemedicine is gaining momentum in India, to overcome glitches at the grassroots.



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