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Nurture to Dream and Aspire

If we can light the spark of curiosity in a child they will learn without any assistance, says noted teacher, principal, academic director and textbook author Maya Choudhury.

Tips to survive your first year at UCLA

Things only a seasoned Bruin can tell you.

Top 5 Brain-Games for Students of Any Age - Everyone loves a good brain-workout

Everyone loves a good brain-workout, so give these games a try and see if you can make yourself smarter by having a little fun!

4 cool science podcasts you should check out

These fun and informative podcasts will feed your curiosity about the science of everything, from today’s top TV shows to fidget spinners to deep space

Undergrads who depend on rote learning struggle with Chemistry

‘Abstraction learners’ who are more cerebral in their analysis do much better in higher-level chemistry courses

Q&A with Dr. Ariel Armony: why international students should apply to University of Pittsburgh

June 13, 2024 |
Dr. Ariel Armony, Vice Provost of Global Affairs at University of Pittsburgh visited India in late April to engage with international students. He spoke to BrainGain Magazine about why student recruitment is a priority for the university, especially students who don’t have the resources or knowledge to apply. Watch this video to find out what Dr. Armony had to say about why the University of Pittsburgh is perfect for international students, with its excellent faculty and focus on technologically driven solutions to global issues.

4 Simple Ways to Become a Grammar Nazi

Do you use the word irregardless? Or the phrase 'both of y'all'? Are you very confused when it comes to using 'I, me, myself'? Here are four ways release your grammar worries and be a grammar nazi!

This is why learning outside the classroom is a priority during the university years

College can offer you an education beyond the classroom if you let it. At the BrainGain Magazine Knowledge Symposium 2019, expert educators and leaders offered students advice on how to make the most of college beyond the books and tests.

Dr. Karan Singh, Indian MP, Address to Salwan Media's One Globe Conference 2013

Dr. Karan Singh, India’s Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha; President of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), and India’s Ambassador to UNESCO; 9 February, 2013: Address to Salwan Media’s One Globe 2013: Uniting Knowledge Communities conference (OG’13). Dr. Singh discusses the Four Pillars of Learning: Learning to Know; Learning to Do; Learning to Live Together; Learning to Be.

5 Great Gaming Apps for Management Students

Bored of slogging through practice tests for your management entrance tests or just keen to train your brain? We think these 5 apps might be a perfect fix to train your brain and have some fun. Check them out below.

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