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Finance Your Study Abroad - Tips from Experts at BrainGain Magazine's Study Abroad Info Session

September 28, 2021 |
How can you pay for the college of your dreams without drowning in debt? Experts in higher education and recruitment, Andrew G. White IV and Dr. Bennet McClellan share tips to create and find affordable education opportunities abroad. Learn how to juggle work and school and not violate the restrictions of your student visa with remote and digital jobs, as well as work study options. Understand the difference between need-based and merit-based financial aid, and how to fill in your FAFSA forms. Dispel your fear of debt by discovering ways to pay it off in a committed and steady way. Check out this video for more information.

Digital India Ambitious Project and Frugal Innovation

September 28, 2021 |
Digital India is one of the Modi government’s key phrases. It is an exciting opportunity for India to transform itself across all sectors. What meaning does Digital India have for Indian higher education, as a brand, and as a growth medium? We ask Manoj Ladwa, CEO of India Inc, and global citizen.

The Role and Benefits of Standardized Tests in Admissions

September 28, 2021 |
College Board's India Representative, Lisa Jain, gives insights into SAT, a critical component of applications. The SAT will be changing in May 2016 – what are these changes, and how will they benefit students? She also spoke about the Advanced Placement program, which can offer huge advantages.

61% of education leaders say India's higher education is outdated

A survey, titled ‘Upskilling India’, notes that Indian higher education is unable to respond to society's changing needs

Academic Integrity with Dr Tracey Bretag (Part 1/4)

September 28, 2021 |
Dr Tracey Bretag is the Founding Editor of the International Journal for Educational Integrity, a member of the Advisory Board of the International Center for Academic Integrity, the Director of Global Experience at the University of South Australia, and a Senior Lecturer at the University of South Australia Business School. She caught up with in New Delhi to talk a little bit about what students can expect to face regarding academic integrity on papers and exams - when they head off to study at an international institution of higher education.

Talking Education with Former Miranda House Principal Kiran Datar

Kiran Datar talks about her love for history, making education a career and traveling to America as a Fulbright scholar.

How to Write Great Resumes and Ace the Interview

September 28, 2021 |
Does your application need a resume or a CV? How to succeed in a university interview? How to ace the admission process? Watch the topic for valuable insights on these and related topics.

All you need to know about the GMAT

September 28, 2021 |
The GMAT is a necessary hurdle for most of us who aspire to an MBA or a graduate degree in management from an international university. Here's a chance to understand the test – format, scores, and its role in admissions, through this fun and simple BrainGain Magazine video.

How and why you should think like an entrepreneur

September 28, 2021 |
Whether to start-up or not start-up your own company. India as one of the largest start-up landscapes in the world. But a majority of them fail. So how can we learn to succeed as entrepreneurs? Watch this video to find out.

Smart, Simple & Effective Education: The Edutel Way

September 28, 2021 |
The importance of a questioning attitude. Using technology to improve a teacher’s content delivery. Personal inspiration. And advice for would-be entrepreneurs. The co-founder of Edutel, Harsha K. Mahabala, speaks to BrainGain about things that matter.

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