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Ex-Olympian and top academic Bruce Kidd on sport studies

Dr. Kidd highlights the need to understand discrimination in sport, discusses the main areas of sport studies, and offers advice for high school students interested in this field.

Captain Cool: 8 Questions with Mahendra Singh Dhoni

India's most successful cricket captain of all time reminds students about the so-called 10,000-hour practice makes pro rule and value of hard work.

Letter from Campus Post Card From North Dakota

American football is a religion at North Dakota State University, just as cricket is in India. The university stadium is Fargodome – ‘Fargo’ for the city, and ‘Dome’. The football is known as the ‘BISON’, after the state animal. Any game at FargoDome attracts huge crowds of university students as well as locals, who cheer on their team, who wear Green and Yellow colours. Everybody yells "GOOOOO BISON!" really loudly. – Deepak Dawar

'The most limiting education lies within the walls of a classroom'

The learning one gains outside the classroom is realistic and impactful, covering subjects such as life skills, compassion, citizen-literacy, humanism, and collective consciousness, says Farzana Cama Balpande, head of BookASmile

Get a Sports Management Degree: Earn Big Bucks

There's a significant growth in sports management education programs to keep pace with the hiring needs of the booming sports industry.

How to Win a U.S. Athletic Scholarship

There are over 138,000 sports scholarships in the U.S. and awards vary from a few thousand dollars to nearly $30,000 for one academic year.

Show me the Money - Why Sports Management is gaining momentum

Raoul Bhandari, a Sports Management graduate from Rutgers University, tells us why millennials are gravitating to a career in sports management.



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