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Decoding the Oxbridge Interview

The mythology of the Oxbridge interview grows with every anecdote from an interviewee. Barely 25% of Oxbridge applicants gain places, although they all arrive at the interview with ‘A’ Grades.

Colleges Seek Lateral Thinkers

Applicants for places at Oxbridge and a handful of US colleges are being asked increasingly eccentric questions.

How to get into Oxford, Cambridge, or the Ivy Leagues

Is getting admission into Oxbridge or an Ivy League university one of your goals this admissions season? Fear not, brings you tried and tested advice from those in the know.

Urjit Patel: India's new RBI governor is Yale and Oxford economist

Patel, who completed his Ph.D. in Economics from Yale University in 1990, has also worked at the International Monetary Fund.

To Oxford and Columbia with an "All or Nothing Approach"

Leading university admissions counsellor, Kavita Singh, has several aces up her sleeve including not the least, her being alumni of both Oxford and Columbia. Determined to graduate only from Oxford and then equally determined to study business only from Columbia’s Business School, Singh says her having known clearly what she wanted to “mine” from these two institutions was instrumental in her getting through.

America′s Star Philosopher: 5 Questions with Akeel Bilgrami

Akeel Bilgrami, a Rhodes scholar and star philosopher at Columbia University, has written books on Islamic identity and far-ranging issues.

Oxford Acapella Group Grabs Shakira's Attention

Follow the vocal talents of Oxford's acapella group.

Salman Khurshid talks about an Oxford University Experience

June 03, 2020 |
India's Minister for External Affairs, Salman Khurshid, caught up with at the One Globe 2014 Conference held at The Imperial Hotel New Delhi, in early February. He spoke about his experience as a student at St. Edmund Hall, and later teaching as a lecturer in law at Trinity College, Oxford University.

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