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One day in the life of a PhD student at Oxford University

On International Students' Day we bring you a day in life of a PhD student at Oxford University. Maruthi Rochishnu Malladi, is a 23-year old DPhil (PhD) student at Oxford. He was born Hyderabad and lived in Chennai for about 10 years before moving to the UK. He read for an undergraduate degree in Oxford and started his DPhil immediately. Why did he choose Oxford? '“I choose to come to the university as I was inspired by its alumni. My love for being intellectually challenged, and [its status as] the oldest university in the English-speaking world [also helped me decide]. It is also a beautiful city and has a perfect balance of events going on. Oxford is also only an hour away from the London, making it well-connected and convenient to [travel] to friends or do something spontaneously.““ Apart from research, Maruthi also pursues Carnatic vocal and the violin.
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The Commute

The day usually starts with a commute to the department on a bike. This is the easiest way to commute around the city. It also gives me a bit of exercise and is environment-friendly.


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