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How the University of Toronto and IIT Bombay plan to increase opportunities for students

In addition, the agreement signed between the two institutions aims to promote the sharing of sound city-building practices in both countries and train the next generation of Indian faculty.

Top 6 International Courses to Study Smart Cities

Can a course help you get smart with smart cities? Universities, both online and offline, are impacting the smart city evolution with some game changing courses for the new-age student.

Building Smart Cities: What you can do with an Engineering Degree

The thought processes behind modeling a new level of Indian city - and you can be involved too, with an engineering degree.

Three Boxes the Smart City Ticks – Jerry MacArthur Hultin

October 27, 2020 |
Jerry Hultin, Chairman of Smart City Expo World Congress and Senior Presidential Fellow of New York University, spoke of three key features of smart cities – learning, governmental use of cloud data, and highly efficient public services. He also appreciated the Indian government’s efforts, in terms of learning from the best global practices as well as its ambitious plans for a hundred smart cities and the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor.

5 Smart Cities You Wish You Could Live In (if you don't already)

We’ve heard a lot about smart cities, but are they real, or just a fancy phrase from a sci-fi narrative? A look at 5 smart cities that are blazing the innovation trail and turning science fiction into fact.



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