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Dear Class of 2014, Here's some Advice on how to handle all the Advice

There are a lot of well-meaning advisers out there - everyone has something to tell you when you graduate. Bennett E. McClellan has a few tips on how to take it all in.

Delhi exam topper shares study tips

May 25, 2024 |
Shivang Singh, a class 12 student of the Scottish High International School, Gurgaon, ranked second in Delhi and the National Capital Region, in the ISC exam, scoring 98.75% in science. He has a full scholarship offer from Hong Kong University. In a Facebook Live session on June 9, 2017, he chatted with BrainGain Magazine's Skendha Singh about the secrets of his success, his exam-time stress-busting strategies, and his future plans. He also offered some tips for students and their parents, and talked about the lasting impact of his participation in 2016 of the Knowledge@Wharton High School Global Young Leaders Academy at the University of Pennsylvania.

9 Commencement Speeches That Will Blow Your Mind!

Watch and read some of the most brilliant people take the stage to expand the brains and inspire the hearts of new graduates. You'll get more than quotable quotes, you'll feel like you got a brand new college degree yourself.

Straight Talk: Building more colleges will not help India's youth; improving existing ones will

Constructing more colleges simply to accommodate larger numbers of students will not fix the real problem of absorbing graduates into the economic mainstream.

Mark Zuckerberg's emotional speech to Harvard graduates

The Facebook founder made an urgent appeal to his generation, millennial to millennial to not only create new jobs, but create a sense of purpose.



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