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Four Top Paying US Medical Jobs That Don′t Require an M.D

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says that more than half of the fastest growing jobs over the next decade will be in healthcare.

The End of Jobs: Money, Meaning and Freedom by Taylor Pearson

This book is a must-read for Millenials as technology is threatening traditional jobs, while making entrepreneurship safer and more profitable.

Career Contessa: How a Job Platform Helps Women Navigate their Careers

The career resource gives 1 million women access each year to even the people they need to help move forward and gain clarity about their careers

How international students can get a nursing degree to tap into lucrative gigs in the US

Strong demand for nurses, the job’s relatively high pay, and low-risk of automation are all compelling incentives to pursue a nursing career.

South Asian Parents vs. the MBA

It is a sound investment in the future ‘to do what turns you on’ advises a leading business guru in the U.S.



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