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Book Review: The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth

Taking a look at a book that celebrates students who resist the herd mentality.

Book Review: The Vanity Fair Diaries: 1983-1992

Tina Brown's turnaround of Vanity Fair chronicled in these diaries is the stuff of journalistic legend, a must read for students eyeing journalism as a career.

Book Review: The Naked Roommate

This gem of a book gives students a look at college life, beginning with ‘Arriving on Campus’ and ending with ‘It’s Almost Time to Say Goodbye’

Book(s) Review: The Shiva Trilogy

Amish Tripathi’s trilogy on Lord Shiva consists of three books, released gradually over the past three years: ‘The Immortals of Meluha’, ‘The Secret of the Nagas’, and the much anticipated March-released finale, ‘The Oath of the Vayuputras’. Take a break from the academic books, and hear what Ayesha Gurung learned from reading The Shiva Trilogy.

Book Review: Hidden Figures

The book chronicles the true story about the genius and tenacity of a team of African American women mathematicians who helped NASA soar.



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