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University of Virginia limps back to normalcy

Students stand united against hate days after white supremacists marched through their campus and Charlottesville erupted in violence.

Dr. Teresa Sullivan on international student life at UVA

May 21, 2024 |
In an exclusive interview with BrainGain Magazine on Wednesday, March 29, 2017, Dr Sullivan, President of the University of Virginia, discussed how international students can participate in UVA’s cutting-edge research, and the funding and work opportunities available to them. She also discussed how diversity enriches academic and cultural life at both the University of Virginia and the broader community of Charlottesville, and UVA’s response to the recent hate crimes in some parts of the United States. She also spoke about how research such as UVA’s Yamuna river project in India benefits the university’s students.

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Dr. Jeffrey Legro on UVA's global approach to education

May 21, 2024 |
Dr. Jeffrey W. Legro is Taylor Professor of Politics and Vice Provost for Global Affairs at the University of Virginia. In an exclusive interview with BrainGain Magazine on Wednesday, March 29, 2017, he discussed how the University of Virginia fosters diversity and broadens the horizons of its students. He said UVA students have the opportunity to study in other parts of the world though a range of Study Abroad programs. They also get to learn about the world in Charlottesville itself, because of the diversity of student, staff and faculty, the large number of student associations, and language and area studies programs at the university.

'More than top rankings, UVa is a place where students make things happen'

May 21, 2024 |
Jeffrey W. Legro, Vice Provost of Global Affairs and Taylor Professor of Politics at University of Virginia (UVa) tells that besides exceptional education, student self-governance is the hallmark of the university where practical skills help UVa students come out ready to hit the road running. UVa has a network of clubs around the world that help students develop incredibly close relationships for advancing their careers and lead to a meaningful community throughout their life.

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