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Looking back on being an American Field Service Student in 1967

Neena De re-visits her year as an American Field service student and says she felt American educational institutions exude vibrancy and limitless possibilities for learning.

Ask Yourself Why You Want to Do Medicine

The desire for quality education and financial independence drives graduates of South Asian medical schools to America, writes Dhruv Joshi who is being trained at the Good Samaritan Hospitalís internal medicine residency program. In order to qualify here, they have to pass a series of rigorous exams and complete residency training. The best part is that residents get paid USD 40,000 to USD 55,000 during training.

Stepping Out to the US on a Dream Exchange Program

From living a sheltered life surrounded by people where most things are done in company to adjusting to life in most parts of the West where value is placed on self-reliance can be a shock, at first. But you can test the waters by going abroad first as an exchange student.



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